The Bieber's Romantic Hawaiian Getaway

Natalia Hoss

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Lovebirds Hailey and Justin Bieber said aloha to 2021 with a romantic Hawaiian getaway. The couple relaxed in the sun and went snorkeling in the clear blue ocean. Justin even forgot all about Los Angeles traffic when he took a motorcycle out for a spin! Hailey said it all on Instagram when she shared, "Heart = full."

Justin Hailey Hawaii Vacation
Instagram via @justinbieber

Whether you're looking for some vicarious living or fashion inspiration, all can be found in the couples' sweet Instagram posts. While Justin mainly stuck to swim trunks, Hailey wore glimmering gold jewelry and her stunning engagement ring during the vacation. All, of course, bringing the final touches to her paradise wardrobe.

The 26-year-old singer and his 24-year-old wife soaked up Honolulu. During their vacay, they sported swimwear and smiles while visiting with friends Joe Termini and his wife, Kelia Moniz. Hailey took this chance to show off her range of style. One night she looked relaxed in hot pink lounge attire and a reflective bucket hat.

Hailey Bieber Hawaii Fashion
Instagram via @haileybieber

Another day she rocked Prada loafers and board shorts with a neon bucket hat. As seen in their envy-inducing Instagram posts, the pair enjoyed hiking, painting, exploring, and snuggling up together. Both looked excited to take a break from their hectic schedules. And, we can imagine that neither were ready to return home.

Hailey Justin Bieber Vacation
Instagram via @justinbieber

It seemed that Hailey wasn't ready to leave when she paired her snorkeling attire with an adorable pout. But, a smooch from the Anyone album artist could have been a cure-all! At the end of their vacation, Justin took to Insta to say, "Will miss u, Hawaii." But we're sure this won't be their last romantic getaway of 2021!