Tom Hanks Warns Fans About COVID-19

Luna Dawson

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Entertainment Tonight

It's devastating to hear about any case of COVID-19, and it's been especially difficult for celebrities to keep their health status private. Tom Hanks was very open about sharing his case of Coronavirus with the public on Instagram. While he and his wife were in Australia filming a movie, the couple discovered they both were infected with the virus.

Hanks outlined the protocol that was taken to his fans on social media and used this as an opportunity to educate people on the matter. He explained that the only thing left for him and his wife to do was stay in quarantine, rest, and continue being monitored by doctors.

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Two weeks later, Hanks posted on Facebook that he and his wife have both recovered from the illness, but will still be extremely cautious going forward. He shared, "If we take care of each other, help where we can, and give up some comforts, this too, shall pass. We can figure this out."

Hanks hopes that his words of encouragement will get across to his fans. After catching the virus himself, he wants everyone to take all protocol seriously, in hope of this pandemic coming to an end in the near future.