Too Hot to Handle: Harry and Francesca Reveal They Are Still Together

Luna Dawson

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If you're one of the Too Hot To Handle binge-watchers, then you know how frustrating it was to be left in the dark about Harry and Francesca. Ever since the show came out, fans have been bombarding the reality stars about whether or not they're still together. Well, we can finally put our minds at ease, because the two naughty rule-breakers are still together!

Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago were the biggest trouble makers on the show. After costing the crew the most money, before gaining it all back, they left the island very much in love. However, neither of them had posted anything to their social media that suggested they were still together.

Well, on Friday, they finally came out of hiding and revealed that they are still together. Harry and Francesca both posted highlights that showed their time spent together in Australia. Apparently, after the show, they decided to break up for a little bit. "There was just so much negativity towards our relationship," said Francesca.

However, after a drunk-dial made by Harry, they reconnected and have been very much in love ever since. They even have matching tattoos, and if that doesn't convince you, then you should know that Harry has said he plans on marrying Francesca. He also said that he sees children in the future.