What Is Going On Between Glenn Powell and Sydney Sweeney?


| LAST UPDATE 04/28/2023

By Peral Simons
Sydney Sweeney Glenn Powell
Gabe Ginsberg/WireImage via Getty Images

Unless you've been looking under a rock, you'll be aware of some drama surrounding Glenn Powell and Sydney Sweeney. The Euphoria star and the Top Gun: Maverick actor have recently caused a stir in the tabloids after rumors circulated that they were dating. Why is this such groundbreaking news? How did the two meet? And what's the proof? As always, we're breaking down all the necessary information right here.

It all began in January 2023, when news broke of an upcoming Sony Rom-com starring Sydney and Glen. An excited Sweeney took to Instagram to repost the Deadline announcement. "Sydney in Sydney," her costar commented. Powell's girlfriend, Gigi Paris, commented shortly after with three celebratory emojis. All was good - it seemed.

Gigi Paris Cheating Rumors
@sydney_sweeney via Instagram
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Cut to April 2023, and it appears the group's dynamics have changed significantly. Posting a series of filming BTS photos with Powell, Sydney had everyone up in arms. The two costars seemed incredibly close and cuddly, prompting people to speculate whether the two were romantically involved. As far as the public knows, Powell and Sweeney are engaged in long-term relationships with their respective partners. So, could there be any truth to these rumors?

In response to the affair allegations, an inside source spoke to People magazine to deny it all. "They're filming a movie that's a romantic comedy!' they said. "It's like when people say about movie stars, 'Oh, they have such good chemistry.' It's just their job. They're friends that met on set. They're costars." Fans were inclined to believe this statement until an Instagram update had everyone thinking otherwise. On Wednesday, it was reported that Gigi had unfollowed Sweeney on Instagram, adding fuel to the fire. The Daily Mail then quoted an inside source who claimed that "Gigi and Glen had broken up several times. They had been on the rocks since Top Gun came out. Gigi was never happy with the long-distance filming, and when she came to Australia [where they were filming Anyone But You], they both decided to break up for good." As for now, nothing has been officially confirmed or denied by the actors. That being said, a recent Instagram post by Gigi captioned, "Know your worth & onto the next," suggests the public might have been right all along. Stay tuned.

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