Why The Sway House is Feuding With Alex Cooper

Luna Dawson

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We've seen a couple of random feuds in 2020, but somehow Call Her Daddy's Alexandra Cooper feuding with the members of the Sway House might be our favorite one yet.

It all began when wildly popular podcast host Alex was a guest on Josh Richards' and Dave Portnoy's BFFs podcast on Wednesday, where the 26-year-old was asked to "rank" the Sway boys.

She prefaced her rankings by assuring the audience that all of the boys are too young for her taste, but things got interesting when she exposed Griffin Johnson for being in her DMs...

She also had her fair share of critiques for the rest of the boys, but two in particular, Bryce Hall and Blake Gray, didn't exactly take theirs with a grain of salt.

Alex advised Blake that his bleached hair look is not working for him, while also admitting that Blake's girlfriend, Amelie Zilber, has slid into Alex's DMs for advice on her and Blake's relationship.

This prompted Blake to take things to the next level, calling 26-year-old Alex a "30-year-old" going through a midlife crisis.

Alex also said that she wasn't super fond of Bryce's look, even comparing him to a certain sloth from Ice Age, which Josh referred to as an "ego check" for Bryce. While Josh laughed along in good fun, Bryce didn't think her comments were all that funny.

One thing we know about Alex, though, is that she remains unbothered. While the Sway boys threw shots at her online, Alex was more worried about how to get Flamin' Hot Cheetos while abroad...a mood.