ABC Announces the End of ‘A Million Little Things’


| LAST UPDATE 11/10/2022

By Peral Simons
Million Little Things ABC
Benjo Arwas via Getty Images

If your brain is hard-wired to tune in every Wednesday at 10 pm for the latest episode of A Million Little Things, you're gonna need to find a new weekly fix. That's because the hit ABC drama will be ending following the conclusion of its upcoming fifth season, set to begin on February 8. In a video uploaded to the network's YouTube channel, the cast made the bittersweet announcement, explaining their reasoning behind this decision and teasing what's to come. Here's everything they had to say... 

The drama series, which began in September 2018, centers around a group of friends who vow to live their best lives after someone close to them dies. After not receiving a timeslot on ABC's fall television schedule, fans worried about what this meant for the show's fate. With this announcement of its midseason return, the 'Millionaires' (as fans call themselves) breathed a sigh of relief.

Million Little Things Cast
David Livingston via Getty Images
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"Hey, Millionaires! Did you miss us?" the cast said in the clip. "We are currently in production on our fifth season of A Million Little Things. We are loving working together again, but we have a little news we want our fans to hear from us. Season Five will be the final season. As hard as it is for us to say it, now feels like the right time to say goodbye. More importantly, we want to say thank you. We have felt your love from the very first episode. Thank you for watching us every week. We can't wait for you to see what we have in store for you for season 5!"

Shortly after the upload, the show's creator and executive producer DJ Nash released an accompanying statement. "I know seeing this show end may be sad for many people," he said. "But I always knew I wanted to follow these friends for 5 seasons and leave them when the time was right. When we started making our show, I never could have imagined this incredible community of 'Millionaires' who would come together and not only watch, but also share with each other their personal struggles, their pain, and ultimately their true grit. I am so in awe of the incredible actors, writers, directors, and crew who lend their talent to make our show." We'll be tuning in on February 8 at 10 pm with our tissues at the ready!

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