‘AJLT:’ Samantha To Return for Season 2!


| LAST UPDATE 06/09/2022

By Lia Thomson
kim cattrall ajlt samantha
Amy Sussman / Staff via Getty Images

When fans found out that Samantha from Sex and The City would not be returning for the reboot, they were not happy. The first season was arguably not the same without the missing bestie. But now, it's been revealed that she will finally be back for the second season - and let's just say we can't wait to see what Sam's been up to these past few years! Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming season of And Just Like That...

Back in March, it was revealed that all the characters would be coming back for another season of the reboot. "I am delighted and excited to tell more stories about these vibrant, bold characters — played by these powerful, amazing actors," the showrunner Michael Patrick King revealed in a statement. "The fact is, we're all thrilled. And Just like That… our sex life is back."

kim cattrall sarah jessica
James Devaney / Contributor via Getty Images
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King spoke to Variety recently and spilled the tea on the new season. But arguably, the most exciting piece of news he shared was Kim Cattrall's return. Although she'd reportedly been invited to rejoin the cast, the 65- year-old actress wasn't interested... until now. In season one, Samantha was briefly talked about when she and Sarah Jessica Parker's character Carrie Bradshaw sent each other text messages. So when King was asked if she'd possibly make another appearance, he answered, "Yes! "It's all so new right now," he teased. "One of my big rules is don't tell things until they're real." He added, "My goal is to bring all the characters into the mix together so that they're not so much on separate runways."

This isn't the first time the topic of Samantha or the actress who plays her has been discussed. In early June, SJP admitted that "it's very hard to talk about the situation." Especially considering all the *drama* surrounding her and Catrall's disagreements. "I've been so careful about not ever wanting to say anything that is unpleasant," she shared with The Hollywood Reporter's Awards Chatter podcast, "because it's not the way I like to conduct conversations that are as complicated as this, you know?" We guess maybe the two were able to put aside their differences for the sake of the show. We can't be sure, but either way, we're happy that Sam is on her way! Until then, stay tuned.

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