Andy Cohen Claims This Comedian Ripped Off 'WWHL'


| LAST UPDATE 01/02/2023

By Peral Simons
Andy Cohen James Corden Drama
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Oh James, what have you done now? Every week, it seems, the late-night talk-show host is being accused of a new misdemeanor. Whether it's hurling abuse at a restaurant server or stealing a joke from Ricky Gervais, Corden is constantly landing himself in hot water. While he remained quiet for a few weeks or so, he's now managed to find his way back into the firing line - this time in front of Andy Cohen. During a podcast interview this past week, the Bravo legend claimed that Corden's Late Late Show directly copied his Watch What Happens Live set. Here's what he had to say...

Sitting down with Burce Bozzi on his Table for Two podcast, Cohen used his air time to throw shade at the late-night host. "I'm not a comedian [and] I think [WWHL is] a different type of talk show," he said on the December 27 podcast episode. "I think there has been a traditional idea of what a late-night talk show is, and I would argue that Watch What Happens Live redefined what the late-night talk show is. [WWHL] was the first bar on late-night [then] James Corden got a bar. James Corden kind of wound up [copying our set]. It is what it is."

James Corden Late Show Copying
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While Cohen's comments suggest he is far from pleased with Corden's actions, he went on to insist that he takes it all as a compliment and he's pleased his show is still worth copying. "I am so glad we're still going. That [the show] is, like, great, copy my set … go with God," he concluded the matter.

WWHL began in July 2009 on Bravo, hosted by Andy Cohen. Despite meeting the criteria to be classified as a late-night show, Cohen told the podcast host, "I don't feel totally part of the [late-night television] group, and I have been on late-night TV for 13 years. Years ago, there was a big photoshoot that Vanity Fair did of all of the late-night talk show hosts, and they left me out of it, but they added in James Corden, who wasn't even on the air yet, and Trevor Noah, who had just started." As of now, James has yet to respond to these claims. If he does, you'll be sure to hear it here first. Stay tuned.

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