Broken Heart? The 12 Best Rom Coms on Netflix To Give You Hope!

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Best Romantic Comedies On Netflix

Unpopular opinion- rom coms are the genre for every mood. Feeling sick and sad at home? Watch a rom-com. Out on a date or movie night with family? Play a rom-com. Feeling like a movie marathon as you wake up? Choose the list of rom coms.. you get the idea.

Maybe the most important thing a rom-com conveys is that everything will always be okay, in the end. In these times, we need it more than ever. And just in case you need something to remind you next time, we’ve compiled the list of the 12 best romantic comedies on Netflix.

You are left with just one task. Go through this list, find the movie that resonates with your mood, get some popcorn and click play.

Always Be My Maybe


We’ve seen best friends falling in love and rekindling dead sparks before. But Always Be My Maybe shows us how to take an old concept and show it in a refreshing, feel-good way. Sasha (Ali Wong) and Marcus (Randall Park) are childhood friends who have a falling out and end up meeting up after 15 years. This movie shows us how they deal with their feelings amidst their vastly different lives. In the end, what must be sacrificed to keep the rekindled spark burning?

The Artist


The Artist is a movie you will watch once, and then want to watch again, and again, and again. It is the portrayal of a gentle yet passionate love story where the character dynamics switch as the movie progresses. Set in the scenes of the Hollywood of black-and-white films, the Artist follows the romance between Peppy Miller, a budding actress, and George Valentin, who is an actor with no parallel. The movie follows Peppy’s rise to stardom while George's declines. The kicker? The movie is a completely silent movie, with no dialogues.

She’s Gotta Have It


This movie is another black-and-white masterpiece that explores complex questions about society’s stereotypes. One of the first films shot by Spike Lee, She’s Gotta Have It explores the life of Nola Darling, a woman who, according to society, has “too many men around her”. Shot in the backdrop of Brooklyn, she becomes the prize between three men, each of whom tries to make her choose them over the others. This allows for a sensual drama that should find its way into your watchlist.

Just Friends


Just Friends is a goofy movie that captures the fun-loving spirit of the rom-com genre. It also helps that the actors are funny as hell. Ryan Reynolds plays Chris, an overweight, unattractive high-schooler in love with his hot best friend, Amy. But when she friend-zones him, he moves to LA and becomes everything his high-school self was not – fit, handsome, and rich. On a reluctant assignment to accompany budding pop-star Samantha James (Anna Faris) who also has a massive crush on Chris, they make a stop at his hometown. The plot further has Chris meet Amy by chance and try to win her heart in a cartoonish play of events involving Chris’ old friends, his brother, and Jamie’s ex, Dusty.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before


“I write a letter when I have a crush so intense that I don’t know what else to do,” is the line that sets the stage for this movie. Lara Jean’s secret letters to her crushes (the movie focuses on Josh, her elder sister’s now ex-boyfriend, and Peter, the hottest guy in high school) somehow gets mailed, and the plot dives into a blend of fake high-school romance, jealousy, and teenage confusion. The movie is one that leaves you happy in the end, so add it to your watch list right away!  

Valentine’s Day


If the name is too cliché for you, the cast should definitely raise your eyebrows. Valentine’s Day is a warmly put-together intersection of lives during Valentine’s Day. The movie focuses on the struggles with love on Valentine’s Day but is neatly wrapped up in a manner that gives everyone a happy ending. The movie doesn’t focus on one particular story, but that is part of the magic. 

Two Weeks Notice


Two Weeks Notice is a typical rom-com, but the performance of the actors is what makes us add it to our list. Lucy Kelson, played by Sandra Bullock, is a lawyer who graduated from Harvard who loves working on pro-bono cases. She chooses to get hired by George Wade (played by Hugh Grant), a billionaire real-estate developer, as a way to stop him from destroying a community project close to her heart. However, George drives her crazy and she submits her two weeks’ notice for resignation. The movie follows the two weeks in which Lucy tries to find a replacement for her role, and they realize their feelings for each other. Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant play their roles perfectly to the dot, as this movie takes you through laughs and tears.    

Set It Up


Set It Up has a simple story, but the screenplay is light, humorous, and deserves a spot on the list. Harper and Charlie are overworked assistants, who scheme to get their bosses to date each other so that they can have more free time. The movie has us smiling as the two assistants find ways to make their bosses fall in love, and eventually realize that their antics are more than just about their bosses.

Crazy Stupid Love


Crazy, Stupid Love is a rom-com that most people would call a definite watch. They’re not wrong. The plot begins with Emily (Julianne Moore) asking her husband of 25 years, Cal, for a divorce. Cal tries to beat the blues by going to an upscale lounge and working his women skills, to no success. However, he meets ladykiller Jacob (Ryan Gosling) who takes Cal under his wing and teaches him the tricks of his trade. But the unexpected happens to Jacob – he falls in love with Hannah (Emily Stone). But the real winning element of the movie? It’s a revival of the faith that everyone has one True Love.

About Time


How would you recreate your love story, if you could travel back in time? Richard Curtis, the creator of Notting Hill and Bridget Jones’ Diary, invites us to explore this question as we sink into this blissful and funny love story between Tim (played by Domhnall Gleeson) and Mary (played by Rachel McAdams). But with great power comes great responsibility, and as Tim keeps his power a secret from Mary, he comes to face the consequences of his magical do-overs.

A Cinderella Story


A modern take on the age-old classic tale of Cinderella, this movie has Hillary Duff playing Sam whose father was killed, forcing her to be sent off to live with an evil stepmother. She anonymously chats with Austin, the handsome football jock, and becomes his best chat room buddy. The movie is predictably the same as the classic but offers some laughs and fuzzy feelings as we watch these two try to discover each other.

50 First Dates


50 First Dates stars the pair of Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, who have time and again proven their onscreen chemistry. The story follows Lucy (Drew Barrymore) who suffers from short-term memory loss following an accident and cannot remember anything that happened the previous night. But Henry (Adam Sandler) falls head over heels that he is willing to start afresh with this girl every morning. And how does he do this? That’s where you will begin to love the screenplay.