Blake Lively To Star in ‘It Ends With Us’ Movie Adaptation


| LAST UPDATE 01/31/2023

By Peral Simons
blake lively it ends with us movie
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Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni have a major collaboration in the works: they're set to star in the movie adaptation of Colleen Hoover’s bestselling novel It Ends With Us. Wayfarer Studios and Sony Pictures will be producing the film, with leading man Baldoni also stepping up to direct it. Christy Hall is taking on adapting the script, which makes this an all-star lineup sure to create a masterpiece that stands out. We can't wait to catch this book-to-movie adaptation hitting the theaters soon! Here's what to expect.

It Ends With Us brings a fresh and modern love story following Lily, who, after graduating college, is ready to start anew. She meets Ryle - could they be the ones for each other? Little does she know that Atlas, her first love, is lurking on the sidelines, introducing an element of drama into the situation. It's up to Lily to make a decision that she won't regret and stand by it wholeheartedly because, at the end of the day, only she can define what love truly means to her.

Hoover It Ends With Us Movie
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It's no surprise that Colleen Hoover is now the best-selling novelist in the U.S. She quickly became a cultural phenomenon on 'BookTok' with more than 2 billion views and first achieved mainstream success with her 2012 New York Times Best Seller novel Slammed. From there, her writing career has skyrocketed, with It Ends With Us being an of especially impressive achievement. This book has been crowned the top-selling print book of 2022 - and even more impressively, it has stayed on the NYT Best Seller List for an astounding 90 weeks!

When It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover became the best-selling book of 2022, it sent a shockwave through the YA novel sphere. The novel's poignant romantic storyline and insightful exploration of complex topics had readers hooked, so it didn't come as a surprise when the announcement of its cinematic adaptation was made. The excitement amongst fans quickly shifted to debate when news broke that Blake Lively had been cast in the leading role; some deemed her an ideal fit for the character Lily Cole, whilst others felt unable to move past her chequered filmography. It remains to be seen if Lively can deliver a truly convincing performance befitting the legacy of this beloved novel - and time will tell whether it will be embraced by Colleen Hoover fans as part of their sacred canon.

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