Breaking Down the Explosive ‘Bling Ring’ Docuseries


| LAST UPDATE 09/29/2022

By Christiana Holland
Neiers Tess Taylor Bling Ring
Duffy-Marie Arnoult / Contributor via Getty Images

Netflix has just dropped a tell-all 3-part series on the infamous Bling Ring. The shamefully intriguing tale of teens who consistently robbed A-list celebrities in 2013 is back after 9 years. This time, the so-called 'leaders' told their side of the story and didn't hold back. Yet, a lot of the spilled tea has come to the surprise of fellow group members...

In 2013, Sophia Coppola directed the drama production of The Bling Ring. The production was based on the true yet glamorized story of Rachel Lee, Nick Prugo, Alexis Neiers, Courtney Ames, and Diana Tamayo. They collectively were entitled 'The Bling Ring' by tabloids. While others played a side part in the heists, these names received an incredible amount of exposure. While Nick Prugo seemed infatuated with the LA lifestyle - and fulfilled his satisfactions by tagging along with the mischievous Lee - Neiers was already in the spotlight after debuting a reality show, Pretty Wild, which aired on E! Now, years later, after serving some quality jail time, the interviews reveal more detailed information than displayed in the fictional film. On Monday, September 26th, Neiers (now Haines) went live on IG to have her say amid the Netflix release. Yet, foster sister Tess Taylor was taken aback by the new information she was blinded by. 

Bling Ring Netflix Story
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic via Getty Images
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The documentary took Neiers by surprise after detailing her confession, which she was urging herself to come forward with. So, during the live stream, Neiers explained, "I was at Rachel Bilson's house one of the nights that it was robbed, and I went there willingly. I was drunk, but I'm not making any excuses because I went there willingly." Considering Nick Prugo had already put Neiers in the dog-house, she willingly agreed to the documentary. However, Tess Taylor had shared her thoughts on the confession, claiming she has "moved on from this long ago, and it sounds like the Neiers girls have not… I hope they get the healing they need." While Neiers claims she had no participation in the Bilson robbery, she took the fall for her sister's involvement. Although "really defensive" at first, Neiers wanted to "come clean to free her sister to tell the whole truth about her involvement" with Bilson. Not to mention, the reoccurring robberies were supporting Neiers' documented substance abuse. At that point, she thought she "had nothing" and "was done."

Now, we can't imagine any more hidden truths after CCTV footage, a movie, and a documentary. Then again, these individuals, as teenagers, knew how to work their way around the media. All in all, Neiers and her sister Gabby are now proud and recovering parents, who even reunited for a juicy podcast! Stay tuned - this saga seems far from over.

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