Cameron Diaz Recreates Iconic Hair Gel Movie Moment


| LAST UPDATE 05/08/2022

By Lia Thomson
theres something about mary
Glenn Watson/20th Century Fox/Kobal via Shutterstock

Anyone who loved a good chick flick from the late 90s has probably already seen There's Something About Mary. The hilarious movie starred Ben Stiller, Matt Dillion, and Cameron Diaz, who had audiences cracking up. Especially during their famous "hair gel scene." Now over 20 years later, the actress has given the film a silly nod on her Instagram. Here's what went down.

This past week, the 49-year-old actress who played Mary in the rom-com gave her followers a laugh after recreating her special movie moment. In the Instagram exchange, the actress can be seen hearing a doorbell at her door. When she opens it to let her friends in, one of them is surprisingly dressed up in a red dress, with a part of his blonde hair slicked straight up... just like Mary had in THAT scene - although we're hoping he actually used gel for the skit. While at first Diaz is taken aback, she soon turns around to reveal the same exact look! LOL. It was like reliving the whole scene all over again. 

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The legend who played Diaz's friend in the viral clip is comedian Benito Skinner - who, of course, also shared the IG reel to his page. "CHEERS TWIN!!!" Skinner commented on the actress's original post, which she captioned, "@bennydrama7 bringing @avaline cans over was not the weirdest part of our dinner." And while we loved how the comedian rocked the famed look, no one does it better than the OG. Just us?

benny drama cameron diaz
@bennydrama7 via Instagram

The whole thing was a masterpiece because not only was it a special tribute to There's Something About Mary, but it was also a promotional clip for Diaz's wine company Avaline. The drink is organic, vegan, and free of additives because the Hollywood bombshell was never able to find a clean alcoholic beverage. "I enjoyed wine for many-a-year and never questioned it. Not once. I actually figured it was the most responsible alcohol choice because it was made with fermented grapes," Diaz explained in a press release. "But I had no idea of the process." So she created her own, check it out here!

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