Camila Cabello's 'Cinderella' Trailer is Here


| LAST UPDATE 08/05/2021

By Georgina White
camila cabello cinderella trailer
David M. Benett / Contributor via Getty Images

Dust off your glass slippers because the trailer for Amazon Prime's Cinderalla remake is here, and it's not your average children's movie.

amazon prime cinderella trailer
David Crotty / Contributor via Getty Images

The online streaming service released the highly anticipated trailer on August 3rd and received a wave of excitement from loyal Camila fans and fairytale lovers alike. The 2021 remake took the Disney classic from 1950 and revamped it to today's standards. Plus, it would be a waste to have Camila star without letting her belt out a few songs, so this latest adaptation featured the Grammy Award-winning artist's vocal talents. The project marked Cabello's first Hollywood project, but from the looks of the trailer, she did an excellent job learning the ropes. And the Don't Go Yet singer had a stellar set of co-stars to help her along the way.

camila cabello new movie
Monica Schipper / Stringer via Getty Images

Camila got to work alongside the likes of the Pose star, Billy Porter. The legendary actor played Cinderalla's fabulous and hilarious fairy godmother who helped her get to the crucial ball. In addition, Idina Menzel from Frozen took another dive into fairytale films by playing Cinderella's evil step-mother, and Nicholas Galitzine played the love interest, Prince Robert. Safe to say the casting director did a job well done because the chemistry between the cast could be felt even from the three-minute-long trailer! And over 2.5 million people agreed

In just a couple of days, the trailer has spread across the globe, with tons of fans showing love for the Hollywood singer and her stellar castmates. From the dance numbers to the amazing costumes, this revamped classic fairytale underwent as big of a makeover as Cinderella's - with the help of her fairy godmother of course. And just like in the classic, there will be some furry friends that come to life, one of whom is played by James Corden, the host of The Late Late Show. But rather than Carpool Karaoke, James appeared as a clumsy mouse that transformed to help Cinderella get to the ball.

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Consider us impressed! This upcoming Amazon Prime movie will be sure to add a little magic to our 2021 year. Stay tuned for more Hollywood updates coming your way!