Channing Tatum Spills Tea on Magic Mike 3


| LAST UPDATE 04/03/2022

By Peral Simons
channing tatum magic mike
Stuart C. Wilson / Stringer via Getty Images

We've just about recovered from the bombshell news that Magic Mike is returning to the big screen for a third and final time - and now Channing Tatum has returned with updates to get our hearts beating fast all over again. Our favorite racy movie franchise had us all in a frenzy over the shirtless dancers, so we're desperate to know what this newest installment will bring and what we can expect. With production already in process, we're breaking it all down right here.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Tatum explained that they are raising the stakes for the upcoming movie, which will be titled Magic Mike's Last Dance. "We're gonna go big," he said. "I mean truly, we're not gonna leave anything on the bench. We're taking it out, we're putting it on stage, it's gonna be wild. I was like, 'Why are we going to make a third one if not just go really, really, really for the stars?'" 

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Talking of getting the original gang back together, Tatum told ET, "It's been fun reuniting with the crew." Who this "crew" includes is so far unknown, but regardless, we can be sure they will be a treat for the eyes! Talking of, if you were hoping to see the boys back in action with their perfectly waxed and toned torsos, you might be a little disappointed. Speaking with Jimmy Kimmel, Tatum said movie number three would have a few updates, mainly in the hair department. "We are going to change with the times, and I'm not going to do the whole waxing thing; I think I'm just going to go naturale," he said.

Magic Mike 3 Updates
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic via Getty Images

And that's not all the changes in store. The upcoming movie will feature a female lead character for the first time. This was part of Channing's conditions for returning to his magical Mike character. "One, I wanted to make the Super Bowl of stripper movies. The first movie we had to stay honest to what that world is and the dancing's not all that cool in the world, and we pushed it a little bit, but I really want to have professional, like, the best dancers in the world going off in this one. And secondly, I wanted to have a female central character," he told Jimmy. TBH, could we be any more excited? Stay tuned for more updates.

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