Cristiano Ronaldo's Bae Is Coming to Netflix!


| LAST UPDATE 01/21/2022

By Georgina White
I Am Georgina Netflix
Instagram via @georginagio

If you're anything like us, you're dying for a deeper look into the lives of some of the biggest celebs of our time. And Netflix clearly got the memo, so get ready for I Am Georgina: a reality show dedicated to the life of Cristiano Ronaldo's pregnant girlfriend of five years! And while her rags to riches story seems straight out of a fairytale, trust us - this show is going to be as real as it gets. Let's dive into Netflix's upcoming release, shall we?

Netflix has promoted the new addition to their reality show collection as an "emotional and in-depth portrait of [Georgina's] life." From her busy life as a mom, influencer, businesswoman, and partner to one of the most famous soccer players of his generation, there definitely won't be any shortage of material to cover. But like all good stories, Georgina will be taking us back to the very beginning - back to when her life changed, and she went from a regular 20-something year old to an international superstar. "Thanks to love, my life is now a dream," Georgina confessed.

georgina rodriguez reality show
Instagram via @georginagio
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Thanks to the translated trailer that Netflix dropped less than a week ago, we've gotten a little sneak peek into what's to come on the January 27th premiere. From her hectic life as an A-lister to the childhood that led her to her Prince Charming, we can look forward to the total fairytale that is Georgina's life. But despite the fame and fortune, fans are praising her for how down-to-earth she's remained over the years. "It's very important not to forget where I come from," the 27-year-old shared in the trailer. "I know what it's like to not have anything and what it's like to have it all." And at the end of the day, those closest to her say that family is the number one joy in her life.

So, if you need us on January 27th, you can find us binging this upcoming Netflix series on the couch all day! But until then, be sure to check back for more need-to-know info on all things entertainment.

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