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According to Critics These Are the Lowest-Rated Actors and Actresses in Hollywood


| LAST UPDATE 04/29/2021

By Damian Schmitt

Good acting isn't as simple as saying lines on camera - and it's hard for even seasoned thespians to get it right. Here are some of the lowest-rated actors in Hollywood, according to IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.

Tommy Wiseau

Usually, when someone plays a large role in their own movie, it's an impressive feat. But in Tommy Wiseau's case, his film The Room gained him the #1 position on IMDb's Top 100 Worst Actors/Actresses List.

Tommy Wiseau Worst ActorTommy Wiseau Worst Actor
Joe Scarnici / Stringer via Getty Images

On Rotten Tomatoes the film has been described as "A movie so bad, so inept, so unbelievably painful, it's almost impossible to comprehend anyone thought it would be great on-screen." Tommy Wiseau was one of the few who thought otherwise, and the actor-director may have been shocked by the film's poor 3.7/10 rating.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

While Jennifer Love Hewitt certainly isn't held in the same regard as Tommy Wiseau, she has her own interesting place in the Hollywood pantheon. She is one of the few famous on-screen faces to never have a film achieve a "Certified fresh" Rotten Tomatoes score of at least 60%. Her filmography sits at an average of 18.9%.

Jennifer Love-Hewitt Bad ActressJennifer Love-Hewitt Bad Actress
Jeff Vespa / Contributor via Getty Images

Some of these flailing films include Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (7%) and 2005's The Truth About Love (0%), but her worst role, according to Rotten Tomatoes, was in the 1997 slasher film I Know What You Did Last Summer. It's believed that the relatively high rating of 43% is only sure to "Diehard fans of the genre."

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Chuck Norris

Move over Tommy, you've got a rival for the Worst Actor title. Despite his commercial success over the decades, Chuck Norris has been voted the Worst Rated Actor according to Slate and Rotten Tomatoes. Some critics believe this is due to a perceived mismatch between his energy and effort compared to his acting skill.

Bad Actor Chuck NorrisBad Actor Chuck Norris
Gilbert Carrasquillo / Contributor via Getty Images

Similar to Love Hewitt, Norris has an average Rotten Tomatoes rating of 18.4%, and has been blasted by such comments on the site as "Norris again fails to find a niche for his limited talent." Ouch! That might explain why he placed at #36 on IMDb's Top 100 Worst Actors/Actresses List.

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Ruby Rose

Aussie actress and model Ruby Rose shot to fame as a cast member of prison drama hit show Orange Is the New Black and going on to claim roles in John Wick: Chapter 2 and Batwoman (the latter being her "dream role"). But she soon earned some major criticism for her acting chops or lack thereof.

Worst Actress Ruby RoseWorst Actress Ruby Rose
Kevin Mazur / Contributor via Getty Images

The critics over at Rotten Tomatoes didn't flinch at the Batwoman show, awarding it an 84% rating, which is nothing to sniff at. On the other hand, the audience score sat at a disappointing 16%. One of the more damning reviews on Rotten Tomatoes read, "Just Bad. Really. Just spare the time and watch something else."

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Jamie Kennedy

Jamie Kennedy has been making people laugh for decades, but he's had his fair share of hits and misses. His role in Son of the Mask was so poorly received that it put him at the #2 spot on IMDb's Top 100 Worst Actors/Actresses. One viewer on IMDb pulled no punches, describing it as "Terrible, awful, extremely bad, and horrible."

Jamie Kennedy Worst ActorJamie Kennedy Worst Actor
Michael Tullberg / Contributor via Getty Images

According to IMDb Kennedy famously said, "I think anybody can be a good actor." Another critic on the same site vehemently disagreed, suggesting that the actor "Stop experimenting with bad movie scripts." But Kennedy seems to have taken this seriously, with his next film titled Don’t Suck. We guess we'll be the judge of that!

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Gwyneth Paltrow

With a prestigious film producer for a father, and an award-winning actress for a mother, you'd think Gwyneth Paltrow would be a critical darling. But this doesn't seem to be the case, with several of her films receiving very low ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. One film, Mortdecai, received only a paltry 12% rating!

Worst Actress Gwyneth PaltrowWorst Actress Gwyneth Paltrow
Pacific Press / Contributor via Getty Images

This seems contradictory since Gwyneth has also won an Oscar, for her 1999 role in Shakespeare In Love. But she has received some exceptionally bad reviews, particularly for her early role in View From the Top. "Miss Paltrow? We're gonna need that Oscar back," one critic remarked.

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Owen Wilson

Pop culture staple Owen Wilson has his fair share of fans and detractors on sites like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb. Some viewers and critics believe that Wilson can only play one character - himself. As such it has been quite difficult for some to take his career seriously.

Bad Actor Owen WilsonBad Actor Owen Wilson
Jason LaVeris / Contributor via Getty Images

Though he has starred in "weird" or "goofy" roles in films like The Royal Tenenbaums, Wedding Crashers, Hall Pass, and Meet the Fockers, it's his serious films that suffer the most. Many viewers simply don't think he quite fits his serious roles, which might explain his place on IMDb as one of their worst actors.

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While you can't fault Madonna for her skills as a musician, the same can't be said for her acting career. Over the years film critics have viewed her filmography in a negative light, including famed reviewer Roger Ebert. In a review of Body of Evidence for the Chicago Sun-Times, he called it one of his "Most hated movies of all time."

IMDb Worst Actress MadonnaIMDb Worst Actress Madonna
Karwai Tang / Contributor via Getty Images

Sadly the Queen of Pop was shuttled into #35 on IMDb's Top 100 Worst Actors/Actresses List, for her role in the 1996 film Evita. The film itself garnered an acceptable 63% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 6.3/10 on IMDb, but her performance was poorly received. Critic Tim Brayton called her performance "Wholly artificial and forced."

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David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff has had a lot of fun in his career, but he isn't well-known for his acting chops. His most famous role in Baywatch was the one that landed him on IMDb's Top 100 Worst Actors/Actresses List at #49. User Kyrycek19 commented, "David Hasselhoff [was] repulsive, a lousy actor and an even worse singer."

Bad Actor David HasselhoffBad Actor David Hasselhoff
Isa Foltin / Contributor via Getty Images

Rotten Tomatoes slammed the film with a critics rating of 18%. But Baywatch, being a cultural icon of the 80s, still had its share of fans who gave it an audience rating of 69%. Luckily for Hasselhoff, it has been said that his later roles compensated for the flop of a film.

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Bo Derek

Former Hollywood bombshell Bo Derek might regret taking the starring role in 1984's Bolero, since the film is responsible for landing her at #37 on IMDb's Top 100 Worst Actors/Actresses List. Though some critics believed she did her job well, others weren't so sure.

Bo Derek Worst ActressBo Derek Worst Actress
Pascal Le Segretain / Staff via Getty Images

One vehement IMDb reviewer ripped into her performance, commenting that "Bo Derek is a total airhead that can't even act." Though another IMDb user mentioned the awards she won for Bolero, we're not sure they're much of a defense. After all, Derek did win the Worst Actress Golden Raspberry Award.

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Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith entered the film industry as a young child, starring alongside his father Will in The Pursuit of Happiness. Though the film was well-received, Jaden's career has been on a slippery slope with critics ever since. His sci-fi vehicle After Earth scored only 11% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Jaden Smith Bad ActorJaden Smith Bad Actor
Leon Bennett / Stringer via Getty Images

Richard Propes of theindependentcritic.com gave After Earth a dismal 0.5/4, writing that "The memory of After Earth is so painful that I still feel like my eyes are burning." Jaden’s performance was one of the main reasons the film flopped, leading to much skepticism about his future career in Hollywood.

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Brigitte Nielsen

Brigitte Nielsen has had a varied career as an actor, model, and singer, but it's her film work that's caught the most flack over the years. Not only did she place at #38 on IMDb's Top 100 Worst Actors/Actresses List, but one critic even wrote on the site that, "[No one] ever liked admitting they enjoyed a movie with Brigitte."

Bad Actress Brigitte NielsenBad Actress Brigitte Nielsen
Jeff Spicer / Stringer via Getty Images

According to movie review site Rotten Tomatoes, it was her role in 1985's Red Sonja that really put the nail in the coffin of her film career. The film itself was described on the site as dull and poorly cast, while Nielsen's performance was said to lack the "uumph" that the role called for.

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Shaquille O'Neal

Did you really forget that Shaquille O'Neal had a career on camera as well as on the court? Well, it appears that many online critics wish they could forget it too. After he starred in the 1997 film Steel, one critic on IMDb wrote that "Shaquille O'Neal should be legally barred from acting." Yikes!

Shaquille O'Neal Worst ActorShaquille O'Neal Worst Actor
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff via Getty Images

It's this role in Steel that likely places him in the #24 position on IMDb's Top 100 Worst Actors/Actresses List. Many critics on the website went on to blast his acting skills, and most reviews seemed to be in fierce agreement with the film's 2.9/10 rating.

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Megan Fox

Megan Fox is best known for her breakout role in the commercially successful franchise Transformers. So it's a shame that her acting in the first Transformers film landed her at #47 on IMDb's Top 100 Worst Actors/Actresses List. The movie got a critical rating of 58% and a much better audience rating of 85% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Megan Fox Worst ActressMegan Fox Worst Actress
Chelsea Lauren / Contributor via Getty Images

IMDb user Nielad was particularly savage in his critique, writing that "Megan Fox, besides the horrible acting, loses points for actually saying, 'Sam, whatever happens, I'm glad I got in the car with you.'" They went on to call the line a "Homage to every poorly delivered, cheese ball romance line in the history of cinema."

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Rob Schneider

Rob Schneider is almost as famous for being made fun of for his movies, as he is for acting in the movies themselves. In one role he was given as little as a 0/4 by a Rotten Tomatoes reviewer, who said that the actors "Shtick still amounts to little more than shameless self-depreciation."

Worst Actor Rob SchneiderWorst Actor Rob Schneider
Gilbert Carrasquillo / Contributor via Getty Images

But it was his role in Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo that landed him on IMDb's Top 100 Worst Actors/Actresses List at the disheartening #5 position. The movie was largely panned by critics, receiving a 4.7/10 on IMDb and 9% on Rotten Tomatoes. BBC reviewer Paul Arendt described it as "Moronic and repulsive."

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Paris Hilton

Being a businesswoman, entrepreneur and DJ weren't enough for Paris Hilton - the famous socialite also starred in several movies through the early and mid-2000s. But it was her role in The Hottie & The Nottie that landed her in hot water, scoring 1.9/10 on IMDb and landing her at #7 on IMDb's Top 100 Worst Actors/Actresses List.

Bad Actress Paris HiltonBad Actress Paris Hilton
Presley Ann / Stringer via Getty Images

Many IMDb reviewers jumped on her performance, calling her "Zombie-like" and dense, and bombarding the film with 0 and 1 out of 10 ratings. Since then the reputation of The Hottie & The Nottie has aged very poorly, no doubt in part because of the online reviews roasting the film.

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Tom Green

Another comedian who has been making youngsters laugh for decades, Canadian actor Tom Green is perhaps most famous for his starring role in the 2001 comedy Freddy Got Fingered. In fact, BBC film reviewer Danny Graydon gave the film a 1/5 rating, and labeled it "Embarrassing, offensive, and resoundingly pointless."

Bad Actor Tom GreenBad Actor Tom Green
Frazer Harrison / Staff via Getty Images

Rotten Tomatoes repeated this sentiment with a shockingly low score of 10%, and other critics followed suit. The Austin Chronicle's Marc Savlov gave Freddy Got Fingered a 0/5, and informed his readers that in his opinion the film was "Witless, dull, and oh-so-predictably offensive."

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Kaley Cuoco

Considering the hype and attention surrounding the popular comedy series The Big Bang Theory, you might expect Kaley Cuoco to have a better reputation as an actor. But this isn’t always the case, as she has received some critical pushback ever since her first role in 1992s Quicksand: No Escape.

Kaley Cuoco Worst ActressKaley Cuoco Worst Actress
Steve Granitz / Contributor via Getty Images

In fact, one IMDb critic called her character in The Big Bang Theory "The stereotypical s*x driven blonde." Though that may sound a little harsh, it isn't Cuoco's only role that has received criticisms over the years, with some online critics referring to her career as lackluster.

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Chris Tucker

Believe it or not, Rush Hour star Chris Tucker was once the highest-paid actor in all of Hollywood! Oh, how the mighty have fallen. These days Chris Tucker has found himself at #16 on IMDb's Top 100 Worst Actors/Actresses List. This is due to his performance in Rush Hour 2, which received only 6.6/10 on IMDb.

Chris Tucker Bad ActorChris Tucker Bad Actor
Paras Griffin / Contributor via Getty Images

Many critics, particularly on Rotten Tomatoes, attribute this poor rating to Tucker's rather incoherent performance in the film. Roger Ebert acknowledged this in a review for the Chicago Sun-Times, saying "How can a movie allow [Tucker] to be so obnoxious and make no acknowledgment that his behavior is aberrant?"

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Tanya Roberts

Bond girls are some of the most iconic roles in movie history, but they can make or break a Bond film. This seems to be the case with Tanya Roberts, who was placed at #54 on IMDb's Top 100 Worst Actors/Actresses List. IMDb user Spectravideo wrote that her role in 1985's A View to a Kill, "Brings the experience down quite a bit."

Bad Actress Tanya RobertsBad Actress Tanya Roberts
Paul Archuleta / Contributor via Getty Images

In fact, the film only has a 37% score on Rotten Tomatoes, quite a low rating for a Bond movie. Though this is one of Robert's most poorly received roles, it didn’t bomb her career. This was proven when she later gained attention for her role as Midge Pinciotti on That '70s Show.

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Ashton Kutcher

While That '70s Show may have saved Tanya Roberts's career, it may have had quite the opposite effect on Ashton Kutcher. In fact, his role as Kelso was labeled a "Complete imbecile" by one IMDb reviewer and landed him at #15 on IMDb's Top 100 Worst Actors/Actresses List.

Ashton Kutcher Worst ActorAshton Kutcher Worst Actor
Lalo Yasky / Contributor via Getty Images

Though there were a lot of criticisms, many IMDb user's justified this by saying that they felt Kutcher only needed to grow out of his role as an immature young man in order to show his acting chops. Unfortunately many feel that this still hasn’t happened, with one Rotten Tomatoes user calling him a "Dimwitted hunk."

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Mandy Moore

According to her bio description on IMDb, Mandy Moore's performance in the 2005 film Cursed was so bad that she was cut out of the final film and replaced with actress Mya Harrison. All of her scenes were deleted after she absconded from production, and were later reshot.

Worst Actress Mandy MooreWorst Actress Mandy Moore
Frazer Harrison / Staff via Getty Images

Newark Star-Ledger's resident critic Stephen Witty gave his opinion of Moore on Rotten Tomatoes, writing "Moore was a spirited off-screen presence in Tangled, but her charms as an actress are strained here." According to him her reputation on the set of Cursed added "Additional weight" to her strained career.

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Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen has a strange reputation, so it may not be surprising to hear that he was removed from his role as Charlie on Two and a Half Men for his reportedly bizarre behavior, according to IMDb. Though it is his most famous role, it’s also the reason he sits at #34 on IMDb's Top 100 Worst Actors/Actresses List.

Worst Actor Charlie SheenWorst Actor Charlie Sheen
Jason LaVeris / Contributor via Getty Images

Once again, iconic film critic Roger Ebert stepped in to express shock and disbelief at Sheen's acting. He addressed the fact that Sheen often paused between scenes looking "Seemingly confused." He slammed the performance as "Ludicrous," and went on to critique many scenes that were ripped from other films.

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Heather Locklear

Actress Heather Locklear has seen plenty of career success since her early role in the tv show Melrose Place, but it certainly got her off to a rocky start. Her role in the iconic primetime soap opera was the one that placed her at #62 on IMDb's Top 100 Worst Actors/Actresses List.

Worst Actress Heather LocklearWorst Actress Heather Locklear
Charley Gallay / Stringer via Getty Images

One user of the website honed in on the actress, panning her acting and announcing that Locklear's character was their least favorite on the show. According to the user, the character was "Quite a b****." It’s possible that this is actually a compliment since it might mean that Locklear was just that convincing.

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Freddie Prinze Jr.

Handsome early 2000s star Freddie Prinze Jr. has been making fans swoon since the 90s. But it was his 1999 role in She’s All That that made viewers question his acting ability. Some IMDb users have gone as far as calling him "frustrating" to watch.

IMDb Freddie Prinze JrIMDb Freddie Prinze Jr
Jesse Grant / Contributor via Getty Images

Perhaps that's why Prinze Jr. found himself at #39 on IMDb's Top 100 Worst Actors/Actresses List? Either way, the film received a low 40% score on Rotten Tomatoes, with some critics calling it inconsistent, and others calling it a "slow" comedy with little appeal or payoff.

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Hilary Duff

Lizzie McGuire star Hilary Duff was amassing fans as a 12-year old novice, but that didn't make her bulletproof when it came to critical attention. Duff currently sits on IMDb's List of Top 100 Worst Actors/Actresses at #68, and many believe it is due to her role in Cinderella Story.

Hilary Duff Worst ActressHilary Duff Worst Actress
Neilson Barnard / Staff via Getty Images

The film received only a 12% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and was unsurprisingly roasted by Roger Ebert, who announced that Cinderella Story was "A terrible movie, sappy and dead in the water," in the Chicago Sun-Times. Though it still holds a place in some teenage hearts, we doubt Hilary looks back on it so fondly.

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David Spade

Disney fans look away - you won't like this one! David Spade's role as Emperor Kuzco in The Emperor's New Groove was well received by young fans all over the world and even received an 85% rating from Rotten Tomatoes. Sadly, his voice acting performance wasn't received so well.

Bad Actor David SpadeBad Actor David Spade
Kevin Mazur/2020 MTV Movie & TV Awards / Contributor via Getty Images

This was not entirely his fault, however, and may have stemmed from the awkwardness that can result from lack of experience. One Rotten Tomatoes critic supposed that Spade's poor reception may have been a result of his jokes "Simply not landing." Some argued that a superior voice actor would have improved the film.

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Charlene Tilton

2008's Superhero Movie was an amusing enough spoof for some moviegoers, but others weren't quite as impressed. And though Charlene Tipton is well-known for her role in the film it's also one of her most poorly rated performances. Just look at her reputation on IMDb.

Charlene Tilton Bad ActressCharlene Tilton Bad Actress
David Livingston / Contributor via Getty Images

Currently, she sits at #11 on IMDb's List of Top 100 Worst Actors/Actresses, an impressive ranking for the worst reasons. She can lay the blame on Superhero Movie, which garnered only a 17% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Hardly a surprise, as she was considered by some critics to be "too melodramatic" in the role.

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Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck has come far since his days working primarily as an actor. Nowadays he is even more successful as a writer, director, and producer, and some might say that he made the right choice by switching careers. Though some IMDb critics praised his acting skills, many found him to be underwhelming.

Worst Actor Ben AffleckWorst Actor Ben Affleck
JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX / Contributor via Getty Images

Over on Rotten Tomatoes, other critics and users were even more explicit, saying that they believed Affleck lacked the essential ability to immerse himself completely in the roles he took. According to one user, no matter what role he plays, he is always Ben Affleck.

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Drew Barrymore

To this day Drew Barrymore is one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood. That's quite a long time when you realize she has been acting on screen since she was a child! But it was her role as a young adult in the rom-com Never Been Kissed that landed her on this list, and on IMDb's Top 100 Worst Actors/Actresses List at #19.

Worst Actress Drew BarrymoreWorst Actress Drew Barrymore
Kevin Winter / Staff via Getty Images

Decisions are split on Never Been Kissed, however, as many people still think fondly of the film they watched as a teen. But other online critics have panned the film and Barrymore's performance. One IMDb user even wrote, "I don't think I can think of one authentic human moment in the whole movie."

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