'Emily in Paris' Is Back With Even Better Fashion


| LAST UPDATE 12/22/2021

By Lia Thomson
emily in paris fashion
emilyinparis via Instagram

After waiting for a little over a year since the first season aired, Emily in Paris is finally returning to Netflix this Wednesday. The fashion choices on the show are a major aspect as to why fans enjoy the comedy-drama. And the outfits on season 2 are somehow even better than before. Here's everything you need to know.

Emily in Paris received both admiration and backlash from people around the world last fall. Most of the criticism came from Parisians who claimed the show perceived the city and its people completely wrong. The costume designer for the series, Marylin Fitoussi said, “It’s the series that French people love to hate." For those who may not be familiar, the show follows the life of Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins. She is an American who moved to Paris for her career. Unfortunately for her, she doesn't seem to fit in so well, mainly because the culture is so different from what she is used to.

Despite the judgment from Parisians, the release of the series prompted many viewers, especially since it was a way for hundreds of people stuck at home to have an "escape" from their couch. It was a way to live vicariously through Emily's life in Paris. A crucial aspect of that was her fashion choices. The lead role had a uniquely, colorful, and untamed style, and it's guaranteed to be the same for the upcoming season. Darren Star, the creator of the show explained, “Emily’s fashion sense is unapologetic and original with a sense of humor,” he added, “She is only interested in being herself and maintaining her individuality.” 

Emily's style will remain the way it was before, except this time
she settled more into her new city, which ultimately affected her style. Star explained, “Emily comes into her own; begins to assimilate more into Parisian life and style." Fitoussi did exactly that with the costume choices, “I don’t want her to look like an ordinary French girl," she continued, "I don’t want to make a clone of what is French or what is supposed to be French fashion. If I do that, I fail.”

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fashion emily in paris
Stefanie Keenan / Contributor via Getty Images

Emily isn't the only one to get an upgrade, reoccurring and new characters will have a boosted fashion sense as well. We can not wait to see every outfit when we stream the show this week. Don't forget to stream Emily in Paris on Netflix.