Emily Is Finally Back in Paris! Your Guide to Season 3


| LAST UPDATE 12/21/2022

By Peral Simons
Emily In Paris Season 3
@lilyjcollins via Instagram

It's finally here! At long last, the day we have been waiting for has arrived. Emily In Paris is back for season three, and we couldn't be more excited. Not looking to ease us in slowly, Netflix is blessing us with all ten episodes at once. So, clear your calendars, folks, because we're in for a bumpy ride. Want to know what you can expect before you jump in and commit your evening/s away? Well, Emily (AKA Lily Collins) recently sat down with numerous publications to tease everything to come...

When we left saw our girl Emily, she was at a major crossroads, faced with many difficult decisions about her future. "We are left with these huge life decisions stuck between two countries, two men, and two jobs," Lily told Entertainment Weekly. "And I think we find her at those crossroads at the very beginning of the season, and we get to see her throughout it become more quietly confident, and solid in her decision-making process, and able to really focus on her instincts and her heart as opposed to thinking too much about things."

Lily Collins Emily Paris Season Four
Jamie McCarthy via Getty Images for Netflix
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Of course, for most fans, it's her romantic decisions to which they most want answers. 'Will Emily choose Alfie or Gabriel?' is the question on everyone's minds. "I can say that Emily makes a decision, and for the first part of the season, we get to see her really exploring one specific path. But then, in the sixth episode, you start to see it kind of veer. And in the finale, it all kind of blows up," Collins teased EW. Talking of the finale, the actress told Entertainment Tonight that "the last episode leaves you on another cliffhanger. It feels like five [episodes] in one." Considering the series has already been renewed for season 4, we'd expect nothing else.

Although her character's name is in the show's title, Collins told EW that this series will up its focus on the other characters. "As a producer of the show, I was so excited to be able to showcase the other actors more this season and have their storylines really thrive," she said. "It was a pleasure to get to see all the work that they did in things that don't involve Emily's storyline. I think it's really important for the fabric of the show." We don't know about you, but we're on board! Hitting play now...

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