Euphoria's Hunter Schafer Opens Up About Latest Episode Special

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Hunter Schafer is truly a force to be reckoned with. We already know all about her trendsetting ways (and all of the glitter that calls for, of course) on our screen, but how about when the cameras stop rolling?

With the second Euphoria special episode having aired January 24th, we're sure you've got lots of questions. And, well, lucky for you, the blonde bombshell is here to answer them. That's right, go and grab your cups, because Hunter Schafer is here to spill some tea.

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For starters, did you know that Schafer, or should we say, 'Jules,' actually co-wrote the special episode herself? ... and co-produced and storyboarded the entire thing. Yep, no big deal, right? "We just dove in, head first... had the first draft done in a week," the actress proudly revealed to Collider.

Hunter Schafer, Euphoria,
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Impressed yet? Did we mention Euphoria was also Schafer's first time on our screen, as an actress? You read that right. Is there anything she can't do? But while she may be the brains behind our latest binge, that doesn't mean Hunter doesn't have questions of her own.

Hunter Schafer, Jules, Euphoria
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"I definitely had a multitude of questions and wondered what [the season 1 finale] meant for Rue and Jules. Can their relationship, whatever it is, withstand something more dramatic... ?" the actress asked. Same, Hunter, same.

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For anyone who's already caught the latest episode, you might already have some of these answers. But don't worry, this a *spoilers free* zone, which means for those of you who haven't? Keep on scrolling while we break down more behind-the-scenes secrets.

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You know, like, perhaps the most important question of all: When we'll be catching Rue and Jules' latest adventures on our screens again? The answer? Sorry to disappoint, but we might be waiting a while.

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"There are dates flying around, but no confirmation, really," Hunter teased of season 2. Brutal, we know, but something tells us it'll be well worth the wait. Until then? Keep that Labrinth playlist on repeat, and be sure to stay tuned.