Get Ready To Experience 'Bridgerton' Like Never Before


| LAST UPDATE 04/21/2022

By Georgina White
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If we're being honest, our lives are a little empty now that the second season of Bridgerton has come and gone. And while we may have a third installment plus a spin-off to look forward to on the horizon, we're certainly not going to turn down any Bridgerton-themed fun that may come our way. And as luck turned out, there's something called the Bridgerton Experience that can quench our thirst.

During your season one and season two (and then, let's be honest, season one again) binging, did you find yourself daydreaming of attending the Queen's ball for yourself? From the fashion to the music and waltzing, there's no shortage of reasons why a Bridgerton-themed ball would be the party of the year, which is exactly what a group of party planners thought. They set up an exciting installment of parties in major North American cities. And the rest is history. Thousands of guests have attended their events and flaunted their best ball attire, including more traditional pieces and even some outfits with a modern twist. And what's best? The parties, just like the show, have a live orchestra playing tunes from the show!

queens ball parties instagram
Instagram via @bridgertonexperience
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People have gone absolutely crazy for these events. So far, they've been set up in cities including Los Angeles, Washington, Chicago, and Montreal, but something tells us that the demand will have them spreading to other major cities in no time. After all, they've boasted some pretty A-list attendees, including none other than Simone Ashley, who plays Lady Kate Bridgerton in the second season of the show. She popped by the LA party installment to give it her Bridgerton stamp of approval, which took the party to new levels of authenticity. If you're anything like us, you're going to want to keep an eye on the @bridgertonexperience page to live simultaneously through these lucky party-goers and pray it's coming to our city sometime soon.

But until then - you know the drill! Be sure to check back soon with us as we keep you in the know for all things Hollywood and entertainment.

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