Gina Rodriguez Is Returning to Our Screens!


| LAST UPDATE 03/31/2022

By Georgina White
gina rodriguez upcoming comedy
Frazer Harrison / Staff via Getty Images

We don't know about you guys, but after nearly three years without the dramedy-filled laughs of Jane the Virgin, it's about time we got to see Gina Rodriguez on our television screens once again! And finally, our wishes have been granted because there's a new ABC project with Gina coming our way...

News broke recently that the 37-year-old actress landed the lead role in ABC's latest comedy series titled Not Dead Yet, which is loosely based on Alexandra Potter's 2020 book, Confessions of a Forty-Something F*** Up. And if the show and book's titles aren't enough to get you excited, then the creative power sitting behind the camera certainly will. Serving as the show's creators are Casey Johnson, David Windsor, and McG. Johnson and Windsor are known for their sitcom, The Real O'Neals, and McG is the mastermind behind blockbuster hits, including Charlie's Angels: Full ThrottleThe Babysitter, and The Babysitter: Killer Queen. And these creatives, with their experience in all things dark comedy-related, will certainly come in handy considering the show's premise.

not dead yet ABC
Instagram via @hereisgina
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Gina is set to play the role of Nell Stevens, a self-described disaster who finds her life upturned after a disastrous break-up that lands her back in her hometown of Pasadena. Desperate for work, she lands a gig writing obituaries and embarks on building herself back up, with the help (or lack-there-of) from an unhelpful roommate and other quirky characters in her quiet Californian town. While this may not be the telenovela world we've come to expect from Gina, fans are already excited to see how the award-winning actress will put her own unique spin on the role. And TBH, we can't either! After all, from romantic dramedies to apocalyptic sci-fi films, we've come to learn there's nothing that Miss Rodriguez can't do!

Now, all that's left to do is sit tight and wait for more cast members to be announced - and of course - wait for that elusive trailer to drop to give us the first sneak peek at what's to come. Until then, be sure to check back soon for more news on all things Hollywood!

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