The ‘IKWYDLS’ Cast Reveals Backstage Secrets


| LAST UPDATE 10/29/2021

By Genevieve Scott
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We might know what they did last summer, but there's lots we don't know. Lucky for us, that's about to change. The cast of I Know What You Did Last Summer recently sat down to talk about the making of the hit series. And we have to warn you: it's not for the fainthearted.

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On Wednesday, October 27, the IKWYDLS cast took us backstage to share "the best and worst things about filming a horror show," as they put it. Ever wonder where they get all that fake blood? Or how about the vocal training required for all that shrieking? Let's get right into it, shall we?

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IMDb - I Know What You Did Last Summer (2021) via Amazon Studios

For starters, next time you find yourself being hunted by a psychopathic serial killer, make sure those cries for help are coming from your diaphragm. "Gotta make sure you scream from your diaphragm," star Ezekiel Goodman told Cosmopolitan. Noted.

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IMDb - I Know What You Did Last Summer (2021) via Amazon Studios

But that's not all the actor had to say for himself. From "sitting all day being covered in slime for 14 hours" to fake taxidermy animals "that looked really scary and real," life as a horror series star certainly has its fair share of scares. "Our props department did a killer job," Goodman noted. After all, who would've thought all of that fake blood was nothing more than some corn syrup and food coloring?

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IMDb - I Know What You Did Last Summer (2021) via Amazon Studios

But perhaps the biggest wow factor of the entire I Know What You Did Last Summer series? Actress Madison Iseman's ability to play two different characters, Allison and Lennon. Were we the only ones having trouble believing we were dealing with just one person? "We wanted them to feel like real people. We wanted them to be completely different," Iseman later explained to E! of the varying roles. "But we also wanted them to have similarities and really feel like sisters."

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While we won't tell you how Allison and Lennon's storylines play out (*spoiler-free zone*), we will say this: things get even weirder as the series progresses. If you haven't caught up already, check out the Amazon series -as well as these other Halloween staples - to get in the ~spooky season~ spirit.

Happy streaming!