Inventing Anna: What Netflix Didn't Show


| LAST UPDATE 02/17/2022

By Peral Simons
Inventing Anna, Delvey, Netflix
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Unless you've been living under a rock for the past week, you likely heard about Netflix's latest 'con-artist drama,' Inventing Anna. In just 9 episodes, creator Shonda Rhimes takes us deep into the world of fake German heiress Anna Sorokin AKA Delvey. And boy, is it glamorous. From private jets to luxury yachts in Ibiza, we were hooked. How did she make this all happen? And where do we sign up?!

Well, it didn't take long for us to understand. Anna Delvey (born Sorokin) was the ultimate con artist, tricking and using her friends to pay for it all. Of course, though, she assured her friends she'd soon have access to her trust fund. Same Anna, same. Each episode cleverly opens with the caption, "this whole story is completely true, except for all the parts that are totally made up." Shonda reminds us that this story is based on the true crimes and trickery of the real Anna Sorokin. So, this begs the question - are there more juicy details that we didn't see play out on screen? Here's what we know...

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Remember that crazy Netflix documentary a few years back about Fyre Festival? The one where all those people turned up to an empty island with the false promise of a once-in-a-lifetime music festival experience. Well, it turns out, its creator Billy McFarland and Anna Delvey lived together as roommates at the SoHo headquarters of McFarland's failed credit card business, Magnises. Two ultimate con artists together under one roof. Yikes. We see this briefly in episode 4, but it seems there was more to this story than we were shown.

Inventing Anna, Netflix Crime
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Back in 2018, when Anna's true identity was first revealed, Page Six claimed that Anna was actually squatting at Billy's residence! "Anna knew people on Billy's team," alleged the source. "She just asked to stay for a few days… then she wouldn't leave." Billy is apparently such a "polite and non-confrontational person" that he could only hint at Anna to leave. Page Six also reported that Billy had no choice but to move his headquarters, forcing Anna out. We hate confrontation as much as the next person, but that seems excessive! Too bad Inventing Anna skips over this part of the story; it would have made for some great television! Until next time, stay tuned.

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