Is Lady Gaga Shading an Ex in Her New Song?

Genevieve Scott

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Step aside, Taylor Swift, because it appears Lady Gaga is about to give you a run for your money - well, at least that's what her Little Monsters think.

If you're like us, there's a very good chance you've already raced to catch the singer's highly-anticipated new album, Chromatica. But if that's the case, there's also a very good chance the track, Fun Tonight has left you with lots and lots of questions.

You know, like, is the catchy track shading Ga Ga's ex-fiance, Christian Carino?

W Magazine / Kevin Mazur

Why don't we just let you decide? In the second verse of the song, the Grammy winner sings, "You love the paparazzi, love the fame... Even though you know it causes me pain... I feel like I’m in a prison hell."

But that's not all. "If I scream, you walk away... When I’m sad, you just wanna play... I’ve had enough, why do I stay?" the artist continued.

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While the star herself has yet to confirm our sleuthing skills, fans over Twitter have wasted no time backing these juicy claims: "Can we talk about how hard gaga dragged Carino in fun tonight," one user gushed.

Well, folks, what do you think? Mere coincidence or shady revenge?