James Cromwell Talks 'Succession' Finale


| LAST UPDATE 05/24/2023

By Alyssa Williams
Succession Finale Eulogy Cromwell
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff via Getty Images

James Cromwell recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter regarding his last appearance on Succession and what viewers can expect from the highly anticipated finale. If you haven't caught up with the latest episode, beware of spoilers ahead!

So, James Cromwell's character Uncle Ewan made a comeback in the penultimate episode of Succession and delivered an unforgettable eulogy for Logan Roy. The actor spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about his role and the upcoming finale, set to air on May 28. As an Emmy-award winner and veteran of other popular shows like American Horror Story and Six Feet Under, Cromwell knows a thing or two about great TV endings. In fact, he has high praise for Succession's finale, calling it "miraculous" and putting it up there with Six Feet Under's iconic final episode.

James Cromwell Anna Stuart
Jamie McCarthy / Staff via Getty Images
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But before we get to the finale, let's talk about Cromwell's powerful performance in Church and State, where he gave voice to the anger and frustration we all feel towards people like the Logan Roys of the world. Cromwell was blown away by the script Jesse Armstrong wrote for Ewan, especially the way it explored the childhood traumas that shaped his relationship with Logan. In case you missed it, Cromwell's character and Logan were abandoned at sea during World War II, which led to both of them carrying emotional scars from their traumatic experience into adulthood.

When asked about how he prepared for the role, Cromwell revealed that he had a lot to process in his personal life as well. He had been suffering from long COVID and was struggling to remember his lines. But when he stepped up to the podium to deliver Ewan's eulogy, he felt an overwhelming amount of support from the crew and audience. In fact, he got everyone to say "good morning" to him before he started, and it helped him feel more connected to the people around him. As for the finale, Cromwell didn't give away any spoilers, but he did say that it's going to be a momentous occasion. This will be the last time we see all the Roys together, and we can expect some major plot twists and emotional moments. Cromwell is confident that Succession will deliver an ending that satisfies fans and leaves them wanting more. We can't wait to see how the show wraps up and whether it lives up to Cromwell's high expectations. Until then, stay tuned for more updates on your favorite TV shows!

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