Jennifer Coolidge Addresses “Misleading” Bend & Snap


| LAST UPDATE 08/16/2022

By Abby Wall
Jennifer Coolidge Legally Blonde
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So apparently, the famous bend and snap does not always work! The hilarious Jennifer Coolidge opened up in a recent interview with Deadline about her role as Paulette Bonafonté Parcelle in the iconic Legally Blonde franchise - and it really just checks out...

Legally Blonde is one of those films that have impacted people all over the world for its touching message, hilarious cast, and iconic moments. The cast, Reese Witherspoon, Luke Wilson, Selma Blair, and Jennifer Coolidge, have created an everlasting impact in Hollywood and, from time to time, are asked about their role in the 2001 film. Recently, Coolidge sat down with Deadline to talk about her recent role in White Lotus, the part she didn't get to play, her most-quoted role, and more.

Reese Witherspoon Jennifer Coolidge
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To no surprise, her most quoted role actually comes from Legally Blonde 2! "It's so weird because there's something about the Fourth of July line from Legally Blonde 2" that gets her "so many DMs and texts." According to Coolidge, if she's out for the day, "people just go nuts" when they get no response. The famous line goes, "You look like the Forth of July. That makes me want a hot dog real bad." We do understand - it's an iconic line. In addition to the Fourth of July quotes, Coolidge admits the bend and snap scene is "a moment in moviemaking I would just totally disagree with." But why?!

Well, according to Coolidge, she's "never had bending over work for me like it did in that movie." LOL. "I think that the bend and snap is misleading. But I'd have to say when I did do the bend and snap, I was wearing my underwear, and I feel like in real life, you have to leave it off." To each their own! To be completely fair, Reese Witherspoon, who plays the legendary Elle Woods, did say the move had a "98% success rate of getting a man's attention, and when used appropriately, it has an 83% rate of return on a dinner invitation." So with that math, if you want to give it a go, it sounds like the odds are in your favor! Until then, check out these other Legally Blonde secrets.

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