Jennifer Coolidge Talks 'White Lotus' Shocking Finale


| LAST UPDATE 12/15/2022

By Abby Wall
Jennifer Coolidge White Lotus Tanya
Rich Fury via Getty Images

Jennifer Coolidge will not be checking into the White Lotus hotel in season three, unfortunately. But she sure did give us a sendoff to remember! Now that White Lotus has come to an end, audiences are dying to know, *spoiler alert:* why kill off everyone's favorite character, Tanya McQuoid? And according to Coolidge herself, she had the same question and did everything in her power to convince the show's creator to keep her alive...

Since the second season's debut, audiences have been trying to piece together who was getting the boot this time around. Upon Daphne (Meghan Fahy) finding a floating body in the ocean, fans were placing bets on who it would be - but no one thought it would be Coolidge! The actress, who was the only one to return to the dramedy for season two, and quickly became the show's crowned jewel for her quirky attitude, fabulous outfits, hilarious one-liners, and overall self.

White Lotus Cast Jennifer Coolidge
Amy Sussman via Getty Images
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In a recent interview with Variety, Coolidge admitted she "wasn't happy" about her being the one to go but knew her "ending would be good." And boy, was it good. Her character had one of the most ironic deaths in all of television history. After taking out a few "high-end gays" and finally having her moment to escape the impossible situation she was in, she instead falls off the side of the yacht, trying to make it to the dinghy. She hits her head and drowns in the Ionian Sea instead of just using the very visible stairs on the side of the boat. Coolidge wanted to stick around for season three but shared in an interview with New York Times"you can't talk Mike White out of anything, really."

During her joint interview with Mike, she shared she did everything she could to keep Tanya alive. "Whenever Mike was in a really good mood and laughing about something, I'd go, like, 'I don't have to die, right?'" White chimed in and shared, "Even when we were shooting the scene in the ocean where Daphne finds her body, she was like, 'Should we just do one take where I pull myself up on the shore? Just one?'" White later admitted, "it's going to be hard to do it [season three] without her." So, as sad as it is to see her go, we can't wait to see what White Lotus has in store for the show's third season. Stay tuned.

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