John B. Is the Newest Netflix Character to Steal Our Hearts

Luna Dawson

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Netflix has been on a roll giving us non-stop quarantine entertainment, but the newest series, Outer Banks, is a teen adventure story like no other. For those of you who have a habit of rooting for the underdog, well, let's just say, this show was made for you.

Minha Serie

Five teens living in Outer Banks, North Carolina, embark on the adventure of a lifetime to find the island's long lost hidden treasure. John B, a troubled high schooler without his family to guide him, won't stop searching for what he thinks will give him answers to his complicated life story.

Of course, with every teen love story, John B. falls for the enemy, putting one of his most valuable friendships at risk. But this fearless gang embarks on a dangerous journey and watches John B slowly develop into an admirable young man. We're dying to see what happens next!