The Jonas Brothers get Open and Honest in New Docuseries


| LAST UPDATE 12/09/2021

By Chloe Becker
Jonas Brothers Docuseries, Show
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The Jonas Brothers are the gift that keeps on giving. They were the dream heartthrobs for millennial teens and, now that they're reunited, the famous siblings are giving millennials and gen-z everything we need and then some. Their latest endeavor? A docuseries. Here are all of the details.

Fans will now get an inside look at what goes on during the Moments Between the Moments of the Jonas Brothers' Remember This Tour. The docuseries follows Nick, Joe, and Kevin as they perform and travel the country with each other. "It's a fun way for us to show our fans who we are more as people every single day as we're growing, as we're changing, as we're learning who we are and figuring out ourselves as we continue to grow," Kevin told PEOPLE. And while the show will undoubtedly have some profound moments, there will also be plenty of LOL-worthy scenes that'll show the brothers in their everyday shenanigans, like playing really, really bad golf.

Moments Between the Moments
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff via Getty Images

"I'd have to say my favorite part of the show, that I've seen so far, is watching Kevin and Nick speak about how golf is so relaxing for them, and it's just a montage of missing the ball," Joe hilariously shared. "And Kevin's daughters are calling him out, which is really funny." Kevin quipped, "It's humbling." Yeah, we bet it is, Kev.

The former Disney Channel stars hope that the docuseries will also give fans a look into how things have changed since the trio first hit the music scene. It's been nearly two decades since the band blessed our ears with Year 3000, and they've gone from cute teens to husbands and, some of them, fathers. "It's always a bit strange when you are as open and honest as we tried to be for this series," Nick admitted. "I think it's just about knowing that letting people into our world and giving them a closer look at who we are as people just connects us all, especially after almost two years of all of us kind of living very separate lives."

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Nick added, "So to be able to see that unfold in this way was really special for all of us." You can catch the Jonas Brothers' Moments Between the Moments on Messenger or Instagram, with new episodes coming out every week.