Kaia Gerber Makes Official Acting Debut in American Horror Stories


| LAST UPDATE 08/01/2021

By Genevieve Scott
Kaia gerber horror stories
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If looks could kill, Kaia Gerber would have lots to worry about. Then again, in the supermodel's latest project, they might just. Here's what we know about Gerber's professional acting debut, which has her looking very different (and slightly disturbing). Go ahead, keep scrolling...

Kaia gerber acting debut
Instagram via @kaiagerber

For starters, consider this a warning: if you scare easily, you're in for a real nightmare here. No, really. "Every episode brings you a different nightmare," screenwriter Ryan Murphy teased of Gerber's latest project. Titled, American Horror Stories, the horror series (yes, a spinoff of American Horror Story) takes a slight twist on the fan-favorite show.

As for what to expect, exactly? The 16-episode series is set to feature one-hour, standalone horror stories. Including, of course, Kaia’s – or should we say, “Ruby?” The 19-year-old model will star as Ruby, the mysterious girlfriend of “Scarlett” (played by actress Sierra McCormick). And while we’ll have to wait and see how their twisted romance plays out, well, we’ve got a pretty good feeling it doesn’t have a happy ending.

Kaia gerber acting debut
Instagram via @kaiagerber

Lucky for you, though, you can already tag along for the ride yourself. The spin-off series made its official premiere on July 15th, with the first two episodes dropped exclusively on Hulu. And while we won't post any spoilers here (you're welcome), we will say that Ruby makes her official debut in episode 2. Of course, though, there's lots more scares where that came from.

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"[The episodes will be] delving into horror myths, legends, and lore," Ryan Murphy promised of the spin-off series. And while Gerber might be the latest star to give us nightmares, expect to see many familiar faces by her side as the series continues to air. "Many of these episodes will feature AHS stars you know and love...." Murphy teased. Might Sarah Paulson (who's set to direct her very own episode, btw) make a return? We certainly hope so...

Stay tuned. And don't forget to double lock those doors tonight...