Katie Holmes Talks Potential 'Dawson's Creek' Reboot


| LAST UPDATE 07/28/2022

By Abby Wall
Dawson's creek Katie holmes

This might be hard to hear if you're a Capeside High fan, so sorry in advance! It doesn't sound like we'll be getting a Dawson's Creek reboot anytime soon - according to Katie Holmes and the cast of the beloved '90s teen drama. Holmes, who played Joey Potter for 6 seasons during the show's run from 1998 to 2003, has come clean regarding her thoughts on what a TV reboot would look like...

All 128 episodes of the teen drama really did something for millennials. And now, Gen Z-ers are busy catching up with Joey and the gang. Starring Katie Holmes, James Van Der Beek, Joshua Jackson, and Michelle Williams, Dawson's Creek revolutionized the way teen dramas have since been created and, furthermore, left a long-lasting impression on those who have watched the series! Dawson's Creek tapped into many pivotal themes that were considered taboo in shows, which then led the way for plenty of teen dramas in the future.

Dawsons Creek Series Reboot
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So naturally, we would all like to see the gang get back together in a remake. But sometimes things are better just left untouched, and according to Katie Holmes, she'd rather leave it as is. "I'm so grateful for that experience," she told Screen Rant. "We've definitely talked about it over the years, but I feel like that show captured that time period and that time in all of our lives." Holmes understands the fans are craving a reunion, and she admits she is too. However, when she discussed the option with her fellow Capeside-ians, they asked, "do we want to see them not at that age?" to which the answer was, "We all decided we don't actually."

Joshua Jackson also admitted he doesn't believe a reboot is the best idea - or a reunion for that matter. The actor compared the idea of a reunion to the Friends reunion that was done last year, saying, "I think because the Friends cast were already adults when they were doing the show, it's less jarring to see them now." Jackson hilariously said, "If you put our mid-40s selves together on a couch now, with our creaking backs, it might shock people... Nobody needs to hear Pacey grunting when he gets out of a chair." So, to all our Dawson's Creek fans, we're sorry!

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