Kim Kardashian Doesn't Want To Tell Her Kids About Kris Humphries


| LAST UPDATE 05/19/2021

By Georgina White
Kim North watch KUWTK
Denise Truscello via Getty Images

Kim Kardashian got real with Scott Disick during a sneak peek for an upcoming Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode. The two stars revealed hesitations on sharing their raunchy pasts with their kids... But Kim had one specific concern in mind.

KUWTK sneak peek kim
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What skeleton does the famous Kardashian sister want to keep in the closet? As the starlet put it, she doesn't "really want to explain, like, who Kris Humphries is" to her kids. In case you forgot, back in 2011, Kimmy (then 31) nearly broke the Internet with her 72-day marriage to former NBA baller Kris. But, according to Scott, there's nothing to be ashamed of.

Kardashian kids watching KUWTK
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"That is your past, and at some point, they're gonna be interested in seeing everything," Disick reassured. Plus, Scott added, he has a lot more to worry about when it comes to the earlier seasons. The sneak peek featured a highlight reel of some of the Lord's finest moments. Safe to say, Kourtney's ex has done some serious maturing over the course of the show's 20 seasons. And all that growth left the father-of-three with some parenting wisdom to share with Kim.

"They're either gonna do it without us or with us," the Lord told Kim. And while the reality TV queen agreed, it seems she isn't ready quite yet. "Me personally, I will have to explain a lot," the Skims founder jokingly admitted. But how much longer can Kardashian avoid her past? According to the clip, the kids are already coming to their iconic mom with questions. And North has even seen some earlier scenes on TikTok.

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For now, the Hollywood mogul is keeping it light. But she's accepted that the moment of truth will eventually come. And with the recent split from the father of her four kids (a moment of silence for KIMYE, please), Kim will no doubt be a pro when it comes to difficult convos. One thing's for sure: this sneak peek has left us wanting more. Stick with us as we keep you posted on all the deets as this beloved series comes to a close.