Kristen Stewart Says She's Only Made 5 Good Movies


| LAST UPDATE 10/26/2021

By Chloe Becker
Kristen Stewart Bad Movies
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Get ready to see Kristen Stewart in the role of a lifetime: the starlet's latest film, Spencer, has her portraying one of the most iconic women in history, Princess Diana. And while Stewart enjoyed embracing the late royal's life and character, she recently revealed that hasn't happened often throughout her time in Hollywood. Here are all of the details.

Kristen's time in the spotlight has been anything but short. The 31-year-old started as a child star in 2002's Panic Room alongside Jodie Foster. Stewart's part in the thriller earned her a Young Artist Award nomination, and she went on to snag multiple roles after that. And then there was, of course, the Twilight Saga film series. But the actress shockingly revealed that pretty much none of those movies have made her proud.

Kristen Stewart Child Star

"I've probably made five really good films, out of 45 or 50 films," Kristen admitted to The Sunday Times. "Ones that I go, 'Wow, that person made a top-to-bottom beautiful piece of work.'" The talented gal said that Clouds of Sils Maria and Personal Shopper both make the list and wouldn't say which others do. But that doesn't mean she regrets partaking in any of the projects - although there were a few that had Stewart rethinking her judgment.

Kristen Stewart Bashes Twilight
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"I've only regretted saying yes to a couple of films and not because of the result, but because it wasn't fun," she explained. "The worst is when you're in the middle of something and know that not only is it probably going to be a bad movie, but we're all bracing until the end." And for those of us not in the Hollywood business, Kristen gave the perfect comparison for what it's like to be stuck on a not-so-great film set: being in a bad relationship.

Kristen Stewart good movies
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"It's like starting to date someone and going, 'Woah! I don't know what we're doing," Stewart hilariously detailed. "But when you're in the middle of a movie, you can't just break up." Thank the higher powers that relationships don't involve a million-dollar contract (usually).

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We're pretty sure the historical film coming out on November 5th will make it onto Kristen's exclusive list of "really good films," or at least onto ours. Check out Princess Diana's most iconic fashion moments or all of the rules she broke during her time in Buckingham Palace before the highly-anticipated premiere.