Lana Condor and Cole Sprouse's Rom-Com Is Here!


| LAST UPDATE 04/10/2022

By Georgina White
moonshot hbo max trailer
Araya Doheny / Stringer via Getty Images

Talk about the duo we didn't know we needed! Lana Condor and Cole Sprouse recently teamed up for an HBO Max project that's out of this world... Literally. And we're here to tell you everything you need to know about their romantic comedy with a sci-fi twist, Moonshot. Keep scrolling!

The new release tells the story of Sophie (played by Lana) and Walt (played by Cole), two college students determined to reunite with their long-distance partners, even if that means sneaking aboard a rocket ship headed to Mars. But, as all good rom-coms go, things inevitably go way off course and take them on a journey that they never could have expected. Sold? So are we. And it seems like we aren't the only ones thrilled with the new film. The leading actress, Condor, couldn't help but gush about her love for the project on Instagram. "Our movie Moonshot is finally out today on HBO Max," the 24-year-old actress shared with her 11 million fans. "I hope you love this space adventure rom-com as much as we loved making it for you." It seems as though Lana couldn't have been more excited to break into a new role following her Netflix dynasty of TATBILB.

cole sprouse lana condor
Instagram via @lanacondor
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And Condor wasn't the only star of the movie that was over the moon with its release. "Go and check it out if you like joy and laughter, avoid if you don't enjoy happiness," Sprouse joked in his photodump dedicated to the film. "So proud of everyone involved, congrats to the cast and crew on this our glorious release," he continued to gush. This wasn't Cole's first rodeo in the rom-com department, having starred in Five Feet Apart back in 2019. But after season after season of gloomy drama over on Riverdale, we can't blame the actor for taking a light-hearted, feel-good project like this one!

Now, if you'll excuse us, we'll be busy watching HBO Max's latest release and obsessing over every little detail for the next foreseeable future. But don't worry, you can still count on us to bring you more entertainment news from the world of Hollywood! Stay tuned...

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