Lana Condor Returns to Netflix in Latest Comedy


| LAST UPDATE 06/15/2022

By Georgina White
boo bitch trailer netflix
Stefanie Keenan / Contributor via Getty Images

Get ready to see Lana Condor as you've never seen her before! Boo, B*tch is set to hit Netflix on July 8th, and TBH we couldn't be more excited! Here's everything we know about the upcoming comedy series headed our way.

The former face of To All the Boys I've Loved Before has ditched the cupcakes and crushes for a seriously LOL-worthy role. In her latest project, she'll play Erika Vu, a high school senior whose life gets turned upside down. As IMDb's series pitch reads, "[Erika,] who's lived her life safely under the radar seizes the opportunity to change her narrative and start living an epic life, only to find out the next morning that she's a ghost." But this new change won't stop Vu from reclaiming her identity and pulling a total 180 when it comes to her reputation amongst her high school peers. From shy teen to the queen bee, this series will show Erika's attempt to work the loophole that allows her to remain "alive" - as long as she's more famous as a ghost than she was alive. What could go wrong? LOL!

lana condor netflix comedy
Kevin Winter / Staff via Getty Images
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Lucky for us, we have less than a month to wait for this binge-worthy series to hit the international streaming platform. And until then? The Netflix team was kind enough to give us a trailer to obsess over. The two-minute clip is packed with hilarious scenes from the upcoming comedy that showcase Condor's total knack for making us laugh. "It's nice to see Lana's funnier side bc we all know she's so funny in real life," one user commented on the YouTube trailer, with another adding, "Comedy is right up her alley!" And TBH, we couldn't possibly agree more. While we love her as a rom-com princess, it's safe to say that the 25-year-old actress has many talents - and we're about to see her funny side on full display.

So, all that's left to do now is count down the days until Boo, B*tch is finally here! But until then, be sure to check out the hilarious trailer linked above - and stay tuned for more need-to-know deets about upcoming drops!

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