Loren Gray Is the Most Followed Person on TikTok and Here's Why


| LAST UPDATE 01/23/2023

By Genevieve Scott

Several years ago, we'd never guess that the golden ticket to fame would be through posting lip-syncing videos on the internet.

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Until we met this American 17-year-old Media Personality from Pennsylvania.

She has a story that will make you believe that achieving fame isn't as easy as posting a video on Instagram or TikTok.


However, let's be honest, if it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. This story is about Loren's journey and the obstacles she overcame at such a young age.

It hasn't been that easy for Loren as she's faced some tough times for her fortune and fame. At this given time, she has just over 40 million followers.

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It all began with the influence of her close friends. She and her friends began lip-syncing videos on Musical.ly.

But with fame comes a lot of enemies, even the people you consider good friends. She started receiving a lot of hate from school peers and friends to the point of her mother removing her from school for safety purposes.

Instagram / Loren Grey

After an extremely rough start, the young teen and mother moved to L.A to distance the upcoming star from bullies and a negative society.

And from this point on, Loren felt at peace to focus on what she loved most, standing in front of the camera without fear.

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Yet, that doesn't mean that the haters are gone. After all, she still had to deal and make peace with cyberbullies and that she did!

The moral of the story is, after the hardships she encountered, which is enough to discourage just about anyone, she was persistent until she achieved fame and success.

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