Love Is Blind: Can You Commit to a Life With Someone Without Laying Eyes on Them?

Luna Dawson

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It's been proven that people go to crazy extremes when it comes to love, but how far is too far? Netflix released the new series Love is Blind, giving contestants the chance to meet eligible men and women who are all looking for love, in hopes of getting engaged at the end of the process. However, there's one catch...

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Those who are brave enough to propose after such a short time do so without ever laying eyes on their soon-to-be fiance. The show is designed so that all contestants "date" one another with the separation of a wall. They can get to know the other person, learn their deepest darkest secrets, consider having a future together, and then decide to propose.

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Some may wonder how this plays out since there is no way to find out if the physical connection is there until after taking the plunge. Contestants shared that they took this ten-day experiment quite seriously, as there was potential to fall in love with someone they may not have ever given a chance based on looks and what they think their "type" is.