'Love is Blind''s Irina Releases Heartfelt Apology


| LAST UPDATE 04/06/2023

By Peral Simons
Irina Solomonova Love Blind apology
@irina_solo via Instagram

Everyone's favorite reality dating series is back for a fourth season, and its fiery contestants have got everyone talking. The Love is Blind new season premiered on March 24, including participants Irina Solomonova and Micah Lussier, who have caused media backlash for their supposed 'mean girl behavior.' Accused by viewers of mistreating the other girls in the pods, the pressure has been mounting for Solomonova and Lussier to address their behaviors head-on. While Micah took to Instagram last week to speak out, it has taken until now for Irina to apologize for her actions. Here's what she had to say...

Uploading a video to her Instagram account on Sunday, April 2, Irina discussed the response to her appearance on the show, apologizing from the beginning. "The first thing I want to say is that I have privately apologized to the people that I have hurt and mistreated. Second of all, I wanted to say I am so, so sorry for the people that watched the show that felt frustrated, angry, hurt by the way that I was mistreating people on the show. It was very immature and naive of me in a lot of those situations."

Irina Solomonova Apology Video
@irina_solo via Instagram
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Understanding that she hurt not just her co-stars but also her former fiance Zack Goytowski, she continued her apologies, directly naming him and the other woman in the love triangle. "I am genuinely so, so sorry. Truly, I want to add value to people, and I want to make people feel seen, and who I was on the show was the complete, exact opposite of that person. I feel like being on the show was like getting a mirror put in front of your face in the sense of seeing yourself from a different perspective, and that opened up so, so much to me."

Most importantly, Irina wanted her fans and the Love is Blind audience to know that she is not a finished product, continuing to work through and understand how she acted while on the show. "I'm still journeying all of this and everything that happened and figuring out the person that I want to be and that I want to move forward to be. But I know that none of those things were okay. Even Zack, he was so vulnerable with me, and I so mistreated him and shut him out. And I hope that one day I get to share my experience and what was going on with me emotionally during that experience." Catch the first eight episodes of season 4 on Netflix now.

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