Love Is Blind Season 3 Is Here!


| LAST UPDATE 10/24/2022

By Christiana Holland
Love Is Blind Netflix Season 3
Jerod Harris for Netflix via Getty Images

It's time to step back into the pods of love. Netflix's Love is Blind is back with a new series and a fresh face of cast members seeking love. The unique social experiment has won over the hearts of Netflix users, and now a new season is here to shake things up once again.

This season on L.i.B, 30 hot new singles from Dallas, Texas, are embarking on a journey like never before. If you're a fan of the show, you know how this works. However, for the newbie's witness, these singletons find love in individual, glossed-out pods, creating emotional connections rather than focusing on the physical. It's time to put love to the test. And, if things go well, the couples will elope, sometimes even after just three days of pod talk. Previously, on Love is Blind, there were memorable moments and some serious meltdowns. From heartthrob Barnett, who blissfully fell for two girls (ultimately choosing Amber), to Jessica and Damien leaving their other halves at the alter, but most importantly, we saw Lauren and Cameron fall in love and live happily ever after.

Love Is Blind Season 3
Marcus Ingram for Netflix via Getty Images
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While season 1 had an outstanding performance, season 2 deserved a standing ovation. Another bunch of singletons placed themselves in a once-in-a-lifetime experiment where they hoped to find the one. Although, while season 1 was the test round, cast members in season 2 knew how things worked around the pods. From Shayne and Natalie's ups and downs to Deepti and Shake's misunderstandings, and of course, Jarrette and Iyanna's true love story. You might think you've seen just about everything on these dating shows, and then another season comes along to rattle the online/offline dating world to another level. So, what can we expect in season 3? For starters, filming kicked off immediately after season 2 ended and welcomed 26 - 35-year-olds who are given a chance to find their soulmate. When some cast members were asked why they volunteered for L.i.B, Zach (29) said, "To remove the "physical" from dating and "let someone know who he truly is," while Dale (32) said he is "Tired from modern-dating fatigue." When some female members were asked the same thing, Colleen (26) said she wanted "to remove the daily distractions that get in the way of finding her guy," while Alexa (27) said, "to find love in a way that finally "eliminates the superficial."

Hosts Nick And Vanessa Lachey are ready to become Hollywood's hottest matchmakers once again. We can only hope all new members understand the importance of the experiment while adding just a tad of home entertainment to our screens. Stay tuned because the cast has already entered the pods!

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