‘Luckiest Girl Alive:’ Official First Look


| LAST UPDATE 09/08/2022

By Peral Simons
Luckiest Girl Alive Netflix
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As one of the most talked about books of the past few years, Luckiest Girl Alive has a serious cult following. Passionate fans who love everything about Ani FaNelli and her seemingly perfect life have been begging for the movie version for what seems like forever. Finally, Netflix gave in to the cries, announcing their plans to turn the film into their latest drop. Ever since, we've all been on the edge of our seats, waiting for any details we can get our hands on. At long last, we're getting some answers in the form of a very juicy trailer. Here's everything we know so far!

"Soon, I'll be an editor at the New York Times Magazine, and in six weeks, I'm getting married in a lavish but tasteful ceremony," Mila Kunis narrates as Ani in the trailer's opening. For anyone who hasn't read the book, this story is about a New York woman who is close to having it all. Love, career, beauty, she appears to have the perfect life. But when some dark secrets from her past begin to surface, everything she's built for herself is at risk of crumbling. "I don't know what's me and what part I invented," FaNelli tells her fiancé in the trailer. "Sometimes I feel like a wind-up doll. Turn my key, and I will tell you exactly what you want to hear."

Mila Kunis Netflix Movie
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Jessica Knoll, the novel's author, was responsible for the screenplay. Talking to Cosmopolitan, she rationalized the decision to adapt it herself. "There was talk of another more established screenwriter doing it, and it didn't work out. In the 11th hour, my agent was like, 'Just as a reminder, Jessica is really interested in writing the script.' Everyone realized it would be a real time suck to interview all these co-writers. So I've been working on the screenplay, and I feel really good about it. I'm in the groove again."

Alongside Kunis, Finn Wittrock will take on the role of her fiancé, Luke. Other cast members include Connie Britton and Jennifer Beals. Luckiest Girl Alive will drop on Netflix on October 7. If you can't wait until then, it will arrive in theaters one week before, on Friday 30th September! Grab the popcorn and make it a real big-screen experience! 

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