Mandy Moore Reacts to ‘This Is Us’ Emmy Snub


| LAST UPDATE 07/13/2022

By Abby Wall
Mandy Moore Emmys Reaction
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As the 2022 Emmy nominations continue to be revealed, a fan favorite, This Is Us, only took home one nomination - for outstanding original music and lyrics for "Day Of The Wedding /Song Title: The Forever Now." For most fans, it seems the hit series was snubbed this awards season. And one of the show's main characters, Mandy Moore, took to social media to share her thoughts on the mishap! Here's what went down.

The emotional drama show, which began in 2016, follows Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore and their three children through the ups and downs of their lives from birth to adulthood. The NBC show won the hearts of audiences around the world with the emotional storyline, incredible cast, and relatable familial connections. From week to week, fans finish episodes bawling, crying happy tears, and wondering what could possibly happen next?! (Just us?) The show wrapped up in May of this year after its sixth season as (*spoiler alert*) the matriarch of the family, Rebecca, passed away due to Alzheimer's.

This Is Us Nominations
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Despite the show's more than tragic ending, the series only received one Emmy nomination - and both Moore and creator Dan Fogelman took to social media to share their thoughts. Moore took to her Instagram story to share her excitement for the show's nomination, writing, "So unendingly proud of @siddkhoslamusic and @taylordawesgoldsmith for getting an Emmy nom for their song 'Forever Now' on our final season of #ThisIsUs." The song was actually written by Moore's husband, Taylor Goldsmith, and later performed by the actress during "The Day of the Wedding" episode. "Do I wish our show was recognized in what I think was its finest hour? Sure. And Dan Fogelman's brilliant writing for 6 seasons (hello THE TRAIN)? @kenolin1's impeccable direction? Our insanely, wildly talented cast and crew? Yah [sic]...." she continued.

The actress finished her note by writing, "But nothing can take away what our show meant to SO MANY (us included)," she added. "That's an incredible legacy to be a part of. I will be grateful forever. #thisisus." But Moore wasn't the only one to share her thought on the show's Emmy snub. Creator Dan Fogelman tweeted, "The Emmy noms didn't break for #ThisIsUs today - if you're happy when they go your way, you've got to take it on the chin when they don't. That entire group wins a 'Danny' in my book. And so proud that my college roomie @SiddKhoslaMusic will be repping us with Taylor!"

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