Natalia Dyer’s Recalls ‘Hannah Montana’ Guest Role


| LAST UPDATE 08/04/2022

By Christiana Holland
Natalia Dyer Hannah Montana Role
Kristian Dowling via Getty Images

There's nothing better than discovering a celeb's first real cameo. For Natalia Dyer, there were a few roles she secured before her big debut on Netflix. The introverted star actually had a small role in the Disney film Hannah Montana: The Movie! Yes, really. Here's what we know about her trip down south...

Before Dyer secured her role as Nancy Wheeler in Netflix's Stranger Things, she appeared in the 2009 Disney film starring Miley Cyrus. While the two parts are complete opposites, we must applaud Dyer for her vast switch in career moves. If anyone knows Hannah Montana, it was one of the most popular sitcoms on Disney Channel and aired in 2006. Miley - alongside dad Billy Ray - starred in the hit show playing a teenage girl who disguised herself as the "teen pop sensation," performing most nights before school. Not to mention her stunning Malibu beach house. Disney really set us up for high school expectations. But, let's be honest, we all wanted those blonde highlights, perfect bangs, and an enormous secret wardrobe with a rotating clothing rack. Around halfway through the series, Disney knew a movie would be the perfect boost for Miley and the show. The film received a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 4.6 - but besides Cyrus, this was clearly the career boost Dyer never knew she needed!

Natalia Dyer Hannah Montana Role
Alberto E. Rodriguez via Getty Images
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Recently, Dyer interviewed with Elle, re-encountering her role as Clarissa Granger, one of the two British daughters of paparazzi sleaze Oswald Granger. While this role was small, she had a good amount of screen time, ultimately obsessing over Hannah Montana. Dyer was just 14 years old at the time and was living in Nashville. Was this fate? The Stranger Things star told Elle, "there wasn't a lot of big film going on there, so when this came through, it was like the talk of the town. It was a big deal." Although Dyer did not believe her accent was top-notch, filming was "a couple of days of just screaming 'Hannah Montana!'" We think she did a pretty good job. After all, how could we forget the screeching sisters?

Though this wasn't Dyer's first on-screen role, it's a huge flex - and we'll never unsee it! To this day, Dyer stars in the no.1 most popular TV series on Netflix. Maybe it's time we re-watch the Disney classic now we know when to look out for her. Who doesn't love a good cameo? To hear more about what Dyer had to say about her experience, watch the full interview here!

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