Netflix Recruits Reality-TV Stars for New Dating Series


| LAST UPDATE 01/19/2023

By Christiana Holland
The Perfect Match Netflix Series
Jerod Harris for Netflix via Getty Images

This might just be the best news we have ever heard in dating show history. With all the match-making shows debuting, it's hard to keep up with our favorite reality stars. Now, our prayers have been answered with a new show intertwining our favorite shows into one. Check it out!

Nick Lachey is back with a brand new dating show, The Perfect Match. This might be the next big thing that will have us binge-watching our lives away! We were once victims of The Circle, loyal to Love Is Blind, slaves to Too Hot to Handle, and in a committed relationship with Sexy Beasts. As we watched these regular folk on our screens most days and nights, it was almost as if we had grown a real connection with them. We truly believed we knew these cast members as people, like we knew them our whole lives. We owed it to them to have their best interest at heart, finding them the perfect match. It seems Lachey heard us loud and clear. For the cast that left these shows as single pringles, they are still on the hunt for love.

Perfect Match Netflix Dating Series
Marcus Ingram for Netflix via Getty Images
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A selection of 23 cast members from previous Netflix originals is getting a second chance at love. According to People, Lachey confirmed that the reality stars will "compete to form relationships, the most compatible couples will play matchmaker." Almost like a dumping and re-coupling from Love Island, only this time, the claws are out for everyone to see. There are no secrets. These lonesome beauties are here to find the one, and nothing is going to stop them. They will have "the power to break up the couples and send them on dates with singles they invite into the villa," and only one couple will win as the perfect match. Now, this is a twist like never before. We can expect to see Love is Blind's Bartise Bowden, Damian Powers, LC, Diamond Jack, and Shayne Jansen, only to be accompanied by The Circle's Joey Sasso, Savannah Palacio, Nick Uhlenhuth, and Mitchell Eason. These guys will also come face to face with Too Hot to Handle's Francesca Farago, Georgia Hassarati, and Izzy Fairthorne. We never thought these worlds would collide, at least not right before our eyes. But we've never been more excited!

Lachey officially announced the show's debut along with the cast, only to welcome them into a "game of love" where "they'll play by their own rules." We just know things are going to heat up real quick. So get ready for Valentine's Day because instead of finding a hot date, you'll be getting cozy on your couch to watch the first 4 episodes. More to come on February 21st and 28th! Stay tuned!

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