Here's the Tea from New 'Selling Sunset' Season


| LAST UPDATE 11/25/2021

By Georgina White
selling sunset season summary
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Finally, you guys, the wait is over and we can binge the fresh new season of Selling Sunset. And let's just say that season four brought big listings and bigger drama. But don't worry, we're here to walk you through this season's highlights. So let's dive in!

The fourth season of Netflix's hit reality show saw some old and new faces return to the Oppenheim Group and they certainly didn't fail to rustle some feathers and stir the pot. That's right, we're talking about Davina Potraz. The controversial Oppenheim agent and broker left on sour terms last season but came back with her tail between her legs asking to rejoin the brokerage. And while sales-wise she was a great asset to the team, personal beef soured her return. Luckily, there were some new faces to distract from the "negativity" of Davina's previous comments.

selling sunset emma christine
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Joining the luxury real estate group was former Mexican soap opera star, Vanessa Villela, who immediately found herself caught in the crossfire between Christine Quinn and... nearly everyone else in the office. But the heat only turned up after an agent by the name of Emma Hernan joined the crew to fill Christine's desk while she was on maternity leave. Safe to say it wasn't a smooth transition, as Emma and Christine had major beef from years prior. The question as to whether Emma knowingly hooked up with Christine's ex while they were still together quickly became a focal point of the season, showing audiences just how intense things can get in Hollywood.

selling sunset christine drama
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From Christine's claims of a supposed engagement to Davina and Mary's mismatched memories of the events, it soon became clear that there was an intense divide forming in the office. And it came to a serious boiling point by the season's finale. We got to see Mary and Christine's heartbreaking attempt at reconciliation and the total cold shoulder shown by the rest of the office. But the question on our mind after binging the season in one night is: will Christine Quinn come back for season five?

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One thing's for sure: you can count on us to find out. Stay tuned for all your Selling Sunset news coming your way.