Noah Cyrus Gets Emotional About Her 'AHS' Debut


| LAST UPDATE 08/20/2021

By Chloe Becker
Noah Cyrus Instagram Post
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Noah Cyrus is set to star in Episode 7 of American Horror Stories - and we could not be more excited to see the 21-year-old grace our screens in her acting debut. But for Noah, this part is much more than another line on her filmography: it's a dream come true.

Noah Cyrus AHS Episode
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The singer took to Instagram with a heartfelt letter detailing why landing this role is such a big deal to her. "AHS has been my favorite show since I was 12 years old," Noah explained. "I was on tour with my sister and we'd lay in the back of the bus watching asylum and it pulled me in immediately. on my own i started from season 1 and so on and since then i've watched the full series more than any show, any movie, and probably more than any song i've ever listened to.."

And it's more than a top show for the talented starlet; the hit series helped her navigate dark times with her mental health. "I spent my years from 13 - 17 kinda being the kid that locked herself away in her dark room cause being out in the world made me feel so lost and so insecure," Cyrus shared. "My body dysmorphia and depression was just eating away at my soul. it was so much pain for such a little body, but something about the show gave me comfort.."

American Horror Stories Finale
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And as if the vulnerable post couldn't get any sweeter, Noah then revealed how American Horror Story has even influenced her music career! "This show has been such a huge f***ing inspiration to me, my music and so much more," she said. "My friends, my managers, family, my agents always asked when i started music 'what about acting?!' my ONLY answer since then (probably 2015??) has been 'IF ITS AMERICAN HORROR STORY.'"

Noah Cyrus AHS Role
Instagram via @noahcyrus

Cyrus added, "When i got the call that i got this part all i could do was fall into a puddle of tears. i genuinely have only experienced this feeling one other time in my life. the feeling of actually LIVING YOUR DREAM. it was surreal and i couldn't be more thankful for this opportunity. it truly means the entire world to me."

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The upcoming episode, starring Noah as Connie, is titled Game Over and will center around a couple who decides to spend a night in the haunted mansion. Sounds spooky? It will be... Don't say we didn't warn ya! You can stream Game Over as of Thursday, August 19th, only on Hulu.