Olivia Wilde Soars in as the Newest Marvel Superhero

Luna Dawson

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Olivia Wilde has recently revealed some exciting news; She'll be joining the Marvel Universe! She's set to direct a female-focused movie, with the help of Sony Pictures.

Female-Focused Olivia Wilde Marvel
Getty Images via Eamonn M. McCormack

Rumors began to circulate about the upcoming production, and Olivia's simple tweet, consisting of nothing but an emoji, gave us the confirmation we needed. Now we're all dying to know the details!

The Marvel movie will be created by producer Amy Pascal, executive producer Rachel O'Connor, and screenwriter Katie Silberman. Wilde is not only excited to be putting together this production but to be working with a female-dominant crew.

Crew Olivia Wilde Marvel
Francois Duhamel via Annapurna Pictures

Olivia's still in the process of developing the modern-day Spider-Woman plotline, but she has high hopes for the end result. "I think it makes me a better director to have been trained in acting," she explained back in 2019, after directing Booksmart.

Spider-Woman Olivia Wilde Marvel
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"I've been producing movies for several years, I've acted in movies. I love all these jobs, and I think it actually makes you better at each of them to do all of them," Wilde added.

Directing Olivia Wilde Marvel
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Marvel has been working to showcase more female superheroes for quite some time, so Olivia's extremely excited to introduce an entirely new character. Stay tuned to meet Wilde's original character, Jessica Drew, and all of her Spidey-senses.