Peacock's 'The Continental' Promises Action-Packed Thrills


| LAST UPDATE 08/10/2023

By Alyssa Williams
Mel Gibson Continental Trailer
The Continental (2023) Peacock via IMDb

The latest trailer for Peacock's upcoming series, The Continental, is jam-packed with adrenaline-fueled action and it's all kinds of wild. This isn't just a series - it's the prequel to the iconic John Wick saga and it's promising to be as gripping as the movies that inspired it.

Step into the time machine because we're headed back to New York City in the groovy 1970s. The Continental thrusts us into the thrilling world of young Winston Scott (played by Colin Woodell) and Charon (portrayed by Ayomide Adegun). These aren't just any characters, they're the ones destined to rule the roost at the legendary hotel, The Continental. You see, Winston is no newbie to the shady dealings at The Continental. But when his brother Frankie (Ben Robson) gets on the wrong side of Cormac (Mel Gibson), the then-head honcho of the hotel, that's when things really start to get dicey for Winston. And this new trailer gives us a juicy glimpse into that chaotic journey.

Mel Gibson actor trailer
Matt Baron/Shutterstock
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Winston doesn't play by the rules. Instead of teaming up with Cormac to retrieve whatever Frankie nicked, he decides to go rogue. He joins forces with his brother and a motley crew of outsiders including Miles (Hubert Point-Du Jour), Lou (Jessica Allain), and Lemmy (Adam Shapiro), and they hatch a plan to bring down the hotel. Now, here's where things get tricky. The Continental isn't your average hotel. It's a hotbed of eccentric, deadly assassins who are all trying to kick back and chill. So staging a hostile takeover? Yeah, that's going to be tougher than cracking a Rubik's cube blindfolded.

The trailer doesn't hold back on showing us that every single one of Winston's targets isn't going down without a fight - a perfectly choreographed, edge-of-your-seat kind of fight. But here's the twist, it seems like Mel Gibson’s character Cormac is set to play a pivotal role in the plot. This decision from Lionsgate Television has raised some eyebrows, and might make some viewers think twice about tuning in. Regardless, The Continental promises to be a whirlwind ride full of suspense, high-octane action, and unforgettable characters. Don't forget to mark your calendars, the series hits Peacock on September 22nd. Buckle up, it's going to be one heck of a thrill ride!

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