Penn Badgley Reflects on Filming New Season of ‘You’


| LAST UPDATE 02/12/2023

By Alyssa Williams
Penn Badgley You Season 4
Jim Spellman / Contributor via Getty Images

The beloved murderer-with-a-heart Joe Goldberg is making his way to the UK! Fans of the Netflix hit-series You are hyped. But will he ever unpack those problematic behaviors, or does redemption lie beyond reach? Penn Badgley has all the answers for us in season four – time to fasten our seatbelts and see just how far this twisted love saga takes us… if we can handle it!

Joe may have an enviable career and good looks, but his obsessive behavior means he always gets what (or who) he wants - even if it requires crossing oceans to do so. Following a series of murderous endeavors in America, this deranged heartthrob has now taken on the UK in season 4. Penn Badgley, star of the chilling Netflix show, recently told Sky News he had a blast filming in London and that his notorious character probably enjoyed it just as much.

Joe Goldberg You Season 4
Slaven Vlasic / Contributor via Getty Images
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With filming in some of London's most iconic locations like Spitalfields (east) and Knightsbridge (west), as well as venturing out further into Egham, Surrey - it seems that this experience has enabled him to discover things about himself he hadn't realized before. "Being an American in London for 6 and a half months, that for me was interesting because I was seeing the differences and grappling with them," he revealed. "I discovered how American I am, which I've never really been able to feel as much as when I was displaced and surrounded by Brits." However, he explains it was an experience he enjoyed. "I loved being in London personally. I really did. Joe, I think, likes it too, until he discovers that that no setting and no other person can change who he is, and that he has to change himself. I think that's the whole exercise. But he's as likely to be happy in London as anywhere else, I think." 

Even the notion of class hierarchy comes to life through You, showing how privilege and money can shape the characters' lives. "We've given winks and nods to things like privilege and class in the show, but we've not ever delved so directly into it, and I think this season, that's done," Badgley explained. "But the show is still ultimately, I think, about what we think of love and how that shapes us and how that affects our relationships in real life." Season 4 of You is split into two parts with five episodes already released - and it won't be long until we get a double dose on March 9th. Until then, stay tuned for more tea.

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