'Selling Sunset' has Officially Started Filming New Seasons


| LAST UPDATE 05/09/2021

By Georgina White
Selling Sunset New Season
Instagram via @thechristinequinn

Los Angeles' feistiest realtors relieved fans with the confirmation that season 4 and 5 filming was underway on May 7th. The announcement was exciting given just how busy the girls have been since the highly successful release of season 3 back in 2020.

Selling Sunset Seasons Renewed
Instagram via @heatherraeyoung

Lucky for us, we got our dramatic Selling Sunset energy from the stars on Instagram. From expecting mothers to upcoming weddings, these boss babes have certainly been busy despite the break in filming. However, depending on what team you're on, you may be missing one certain realtor in the office. As some fans know, Davina Potratz revealed back in October that she was no longer working with Oppenheim Group. But she'll still bring her typical flare in the next season as she works at a competing agency.

Selling Sunset Start Filming
Instagram via @chrishell.stause

Other personal news to be touched on includes Christine's first pregnancy with Christian and Chrishell's split from Dancing With the Stars pro Keo Motsepe. And of course, we're hoping to catch our third Selling Sunset wedding ceremony from lovebirds Heather and Tarek. One thing's for sure: The drama is both in and out of the office with this bunch. Other staff shakeups involve Maya's relocation to Miami and Brett's new firm. Safe to say we have a lot to catch up on with this... Charismatic group.

And in typical Selling Sunset fashion, the girls took to social media to announce their excitement. The women of Oppenheimer sure didn't hold back when gushing about their return to the office, as Mrs. El-Moussa to-be wrote, "Me & my GIRLS, back like we never left." Chrishell also joined in on the excitement, captioning, "I love when doing things I love, with people I love, can be called 'work'" in a snap with Season 2 addition, Amanza. And Christine? Well, for now, no sentimental pic in sight. In her true style, she posted a bougie video with a caption that left us wondering if more drama is on the way. Fingers crossed, right?

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We've got our eyes peeled for a release date for the upcoming seasons: But with what deets have been revealed, excitement levels are high for the return of LA's sassiest realtors. Until then, make sure to check back with us as we keep you posted on Hollywood's hottest realtors.