Your Guide to ‘Selling Sunset’ Season 6


| LAST UPDATE 04/26/2022

By Georgina White
selling sunset season 6
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Selling Sunset has been dominating the reality television game since first dropping way back in 2019. And while we couldn't be happier that the fifth season finally dropped on April 22nd, we can't lie to you guys - all we can think about is a potential sixth season and what could be in store. So, after some digging, we've come up with all the tea we know so far.

As it stands right now, there has been no official word from Netflix about another installment of our favorite real estate reality series. However, if you ask the folks over at Us Weekly, they'll tell you that according to their findings, a 6th and 7th season have already been signed off as far back as last January. But with no official word from the streaming service, it's a big guessing game when it comes to the deets. However, that hasn't stopped theories from swirling around. And when it comes to a season six cast, there are some strong ideas about who would return versus who wouldn't. While most of the Oppenheim girls are considered a no-brainer, Maya Vander, Christine Quinn, and Vanessa Villela aren't as clear. From personal to professional developments, it's anyone's guess if these ladies will have time for another season amidst their busy schedules.

selling sunset cast drama
Instagram via @jasonoppenheim
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"Realistically speaking, I'm probably going to stay more focused on Miami, my family, and my business here if we get renewed for another season," Maya confessed to E! News during a prior interview. "I'm probably not going to be a full-time cast member because it's going to be difficult for me logistically to do the back-and-forth again." But for the other ladies, there's no shortage of personal drama to bring us back for another installment. From Heather's fertility journey to Chelsea's desire to appear on the show, we've got endless options for binge-worthy content.

We've got more questions than answers, but you can count on us to keep you updated as we wait for more updates from the team over at Netflix. And until then, have we mentioned that there's a whole new season to binge? So why not get started with the trailer above...

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